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Top Takeaways From The Cardinals' 2024 Offseason

Kyler in a good place, Paris on the left side, and an upgraded D-line

Paris Johnson Jr. (70) has moved to left tackle this offseason after playing on the right side in 2023.
Paris Johnson Jr. (70) has moved to left tackle this offseason after playing on the right side in 2023.

This isn't Jonathan Gannon's first offseason as Cardinals coach. But then again …

Gannon noted that this was really his first offseason with QB Kyler Murray, and that – given Murray's rehab last year at this time – is true. But this is also Gannon's first offseason with truly his roster, given how many changes still happened post-minicamp last year, and the first time he was able to have a plan that had been road-tested in real time, given that he was a first-year head coach in 2023.

The Cardinals are in a much better place. As always, there can only be so many things that can be accomplished in May and June without pads and without contact. But training camp report day (July 23) will be here soon, and everything will quickly get tested.

But as the Cardinals disband for the summer, here are the things that stick with me the most following the annual round of OTAs and minicamp.


Most offseasons are going to start with where a team is with the starting quarterback and/or how that starting QB is doing. Last year, Murray was still far from playing. That is no longer a problem. Murray has been around daily, working with coaches, gaining chemistry with receivers, taking offensive linemen on bonding trips and sounding like he has reached nirvana when it comes to his team relationships and his place in the offense. In Year Six, Murray is in the spot he needs to be.


The fact Paris Johnson Jr. moved to left tackle isn't a surprise; it was likely when he was drafted sixth overall in 2023 and it was all but cemented when veteran D.J. Humphries tore his ACL near the end of last season. Johnson was ready for the change. The only downside was losing the chemistry he built with right guard Will Hernandez, but it's the move that will benefit the Cardinals both in the short- and long-term.

The Cardinals defensive linemen
The Cardinals defensive linemen


The Cardinals' defensive line rotation for the final game (in order of snaps) of the season last year was Roy Lopez, Phil Hoskins, Ben Stille, Naquan Jones and Leki Fotu. Only Fotu was on the roster when the season began. It became a point of emphasis. Lopez is back for a full year, Dante Stills can build on his rookie year, and Darius Robinson was a first-round pick. Justin Jones, Bilal Nichols and Khyiris Tonga highlighted the free-agent class. The roster overhaul, if you had to pick one place, is highlighted here, and it will make a difference.


The looks have been brief, but when we have seen Marvin Harrison Jr. on the practice field, he looks excellent. When teammates talk about him, they echo that feeling. "Can't miss" is a dangerous tag, but it doesn't feel risky with MHJ. It's a tantalizing starting point. But when you add in Michael Wilson, who was good as a rookie and has the brains to go with the skill to be much better – and the willingness to get dirty in the run game – the Cardinals' starting wideouts take on a new meaning. Until the duo does it on the field, it means nothing. But there are good reasons to believe Harrison/Wilson as WR1 and WR2 will be a significant duo.


Anyone who might've wanted a contract was still around for all the voluntary work. The QB was in place leading the way. There was no coaching search, or GM search. No one raised a ruckus. There was plenty of that around the NFL, but the Cardinals were untouched, another reason this was an efficient and productive offseason program.

TE Tip Reiman
TE Tip Reiman


Marvin Harrison Jr. is a no-brainer from jump. But Gannon has shown he will play rookies, and there are a lot to choose from. Tight end Tip Reiman or one of the cornerbacks might have the best chance of working their way into the starting lineup by September, but as contributors? Darius Robinson, Rabbit Taylor-Demerson, Xavier Thomas might all get that done.


Intangibles are by definition unable to be measured. But from the time Kyler made mention of “vibes” on draft day – hours before MHJ was the pick – it has felt like an apropos description of the cadence of the offseason. Both Gannon and GM Monti Ossenfort have said multiple times that the Cardinals still have to win games. It's true. But you can't win games in June. You can only prepare to try.