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You've Got Mail: Before Final Cuts

Talking No. 2 receiver (again), kickers and Cap Capi


The preseason winds down. Final cuts come Saturday, and as always, what the roster looks like Saturday night probably won't be the roster the Cardinals have by opening kickoff. In the meantime, coach Steve Wilks is still looking for some answers. You all are too, so on to the questions:

The question that sprouted in March and April still has not yet been answered. It was difficult to get much of a read on the receivers in the Dallas game, given how clunky the passing attack went. Part of that was on the receivers, who had a couple drops. But Wilks said the receiving room remains wide open. I mean, Christian Kirk and Chad Williams are going to be on this team, for instance, but there is room to impress if you are those guys. Everyone else remains a bubble boy. Could the Cards find a wideout released during another team's final cuts? Yes. If I had to guess, I'm guessing Williams will be the No. 2, at least to start. But write that in pencil.

Well, once the season gets going, it's about injuries and what you have to replace. But in the short term, as this team tries to shore up its 53-man roster following cuts around the league, there are a handful of places I could see them look. Wide receiver, as I mentioned. Depending on the status of Jermaine Gresham, tight end would be a place to look. Perhaps reserve linebacker and reserve cornerback. The way this team is now, they will be looking at a lot of positions, because they might be able to upgrade depth.

I understand why the questions have come up. Wilks didn't close the door on the idea when he was asked about it the other day, and McCrane has shown an incredibly strong leg. (Quick side note: McCrane's power is incredible since when he is out of pads, he could easily pass for one of the Cardinals' equipment interns. He is not a big man.) All that said, I still expect Dawson to be the kicker. McCrane will be some reps Thursday. Who knows -- maybe he can do some things to swing the decision in his favor.

Oh Lou, you had to go there. First of all, Corey Coleman was already sent away from the Browns, so isn't he the first, even if he wasn't technically cut? Second, Nkemdiche is not only not going to be cut, he's a starter, albeit with much to prove. This feels like an "other."

This is certainly Cap Capi's time of year. Constant conversation. Right now, it still seems tough -- from my perspective -- to say he'll make the 53-man roster. Jones and Golden are ahead of him, as are Mayowa and Dora, and I think Jaquies Smith has even done enough both against the run and pass to be ahead of him in the pecking order. I'll say this: Watch Capi when he plays Thursday, but focus what he does against the run. That will be important for him to have a chance.

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