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You've Got Mail: #CardsCamp Before Cowboys

Subjects this week include offensive line, linebacker fight, and a statue


The Cardinals are in the midst of their one "regular" game week of the preseason, prepping for an appearance on "Sunday Night Football" in Dallas. There are things to work on -- the run defense being the most apparent. But quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Josh Rosen are coming off good games. With that, on to this week's questions:

I think the helmet rule is being scrutinized on a lot of levels right now, including the league. How that turns out we will have to see, but I can say that the players I have talked to are understandably frustrated with how the rule is interpreted and the confusion around it.

If he can stay healthy, yes, I think Humphries has a good chance to be the long-time guy at left tackle.

Since Butler has been hurt of late, it's tougher to tell. It feels like his ability to play in Dallas Sunday will be important in his fight not only for the No. 2 job but also for a roster spot. It's that tight at that position. In terms of No. 2 specifically, he hadn't particularly stood out before he got hurt, which is why Steve Wilks kept talking about guys needing to separate themselves. With Butler down, Chad Williams and Christian Kirk did that last game.

An excellent question. Depth is an issue there. Late signee Gerald Hodges might have found a way to stick around. How it might play out with others - Edmond Robinson, Scooby Wright, and undrafted rookie Dennis Gardeck, for instance -- might come down to special teams in these last two games. It's a position I wouldn't be surprised if addressed via the waiver wire after other teams make cuts.

McCrane has looked pretty good in his brief appearances. But ultimately, I think Dawson will be the kicker. As far as the money and David Johnson, any impasse right now has nothing to do with what another player or position might be making. The Cards aren't that cap-strapped. It's differing views on what Johnson, as a running back, should be paid.

I am assuming this is a question about the center? Actually, I thought Mason Cole did just fine last game. He still needs to learn. He's a rookie. But there isn't some all-pro sitting out there waiting to be plugged in. Will they look at the waiver wire at the position? They will definitely look, especially with potential depth. But Cole is the call at center for now and he's the one they want to be the future center so he's going to have the job unless he completely collapses.

So here is the deal on a player who is on the practice squad, which of course will not be created until we reach the first week of the regular season. If a player is on the PS and he is wooed by another team, it is the player's choice if he would want to go. In theory, a player could pass up a chance to go to another team's 53-man roster in order to stay on his current practice squad. (Given that pay about doubles on a weekly basis when you go from PS to active roster, very few are choosing to stay.) The Cardinals could indeed promote the player themselves in order not to lose him, and in fact have done that very thing a number of times over the years.

However, it's up to the player. If a player on a PS is offered spots on two different active rosters, he can go to whichever he wants. The team that has him on the PS doesn't officially have the right of first refusal. It's just that a player usually wants to stick where he's been the whole time and knows the playbook.

Umm, Washington's time is done. It's done in Arizona, it's done in the NFL. I'll leave it at that, other than to marvel that D-Wash questions are still surfacing.

I'd say Williams is running out of time to make an impression. The one thing he's got going in his favor is that the Cardinals still don't have a lot of definition beyond their top three cornerbacks (Peterson, Taylor, Benwikere). Perhaps he can still sneak on if they like what he can do on special teams.

Ahh, Fretwell, I am a man of many talents. I can do a little TV/video, I feel like I'm pretty good on the radio, I can take a practice picture or two and I feel like I'm a pretty good writer. And I get along with Fitz well, having known him his whole NFL career. Alas, I've never been much with the art. I'd have to leave the statue-building to others -- if someone decides to build him a statue.

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