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You've Got Mail: Coaching Search

Topics include the No. 1 pick, Kwamie Lassiter and wide receivers


As of now, the Cardinals do not have a head coach. But that does not mean the questions stop. So, as always, on to the queries (and the link to send questions for next week's mailbag is right here).

From Jeff Staed via

"Have the Cardinals thought about rehiring Bruce Arians? I saw that he interviewed with Tampa Bay and it is breaking my heart. And have they assessed Josh Allen from University of Kentucky for #1 pick? I think he's better than Bosa. If not, watch some tape!"

No, the Cardinals and Arians have each moved on. A reunion was never considered. As for the No. 1 overall pick, they need to get a coach first. Have they scouted him? I am sure they have. But the actual ranking of the potential draftees comes after the combine. Allen will be discussed. Where he lands on their 120 board is TBD.

From Nick Carola via

"Mr Urban , any rumors of us making a trade run at Antonio Brown? Between our draft picks and cap space I feel we can make that happen if we want. A superstar receiver to add regardless of whether our man Fitzgerald returns or not would be a huge addition. I know we have pressing needs on offense and this seems to be pretty intriguing. Also seems like a Keim move?"

As far as I have seen, the Steelers aren't trading anyone, even with all the drama going on in Pittsburgh. The Cardinals need to improve their wide receiver corps for sure. Maybe that comes with a trade with someone along the way, and could I see trying to bring in some kind of established star at that position? They'd certainly have to think about it.

If they were to go defense first, obviously that guy -- Bosa or otherwise -- needs to make an immediate impact. But I'm not ruling out trades to get extra picks. Given that they don't need one particular player/position, moving down for draft capital makes a lot of sense. They need some defensive help, so defensive strength in the draft could improve them -- even with offensive struggles, a good defense can make you competitive quickly -- but I still think they have to not ignore offense (particularly the line and receiver.)

Hope that answers your question Anthony. You seem to have a low opinion of me.

Any story I have of Kwamie can't be topped by the one posted by Jim Omohundro. His tweet is below. But Kwamie was a good man, a great guy to cover back in the day, and he will be missed.

Via Pascal Pierre via

"Hi Darren, is there a chance the Cardinals trade the number one pick to the Raiders in exchange of two 1st round picks (4th and 24th) and opt to draft Jonah Williams with the 4th overall pick?"

Since the Raiders do not need a quarterback, I do not see that happening. They took a lot of heat for trading Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack, and I don't see them getting rid of the plus-3 first-round picks to come to No. 1. They can likely find a pass rusher at 4.

From Albert Fuller via

"The team struggled all season to protect our QBs. Is Michael Bidwill and Steve Keim going to build an offensive line that will protect all the QBs under center? And will the Cards go back to the 3-4 package now that the Wilks era is over?"

The offensive line has to be a priority. Keim knows that, and after what we saw the Colts do in one offseason of OL makeover, we know it's possible to make a quick 180 to respectability at that position. The new offensive line coach will also be an important hire. As for the defensive scheme, it wouldn't shock me for that to happen, but we have to see what the coaching staff looks like.

From Chester Davis via

"Will the Cards keep the special team coaches when they clean house? This year our special teams were among the best. Even better than when Arians was our coach. That is one area where Bidwill and Keim said they were looking for improvement."

I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. Jeff Rodgers has done a very nice job with that group, and it definitely improved. But again, until the new head coach comes in, nothing is certain.

In the end, I think you'd love to have a true No. 1. That guy just creates a whole trickle-down that helps everyone else on the offense. As good as Fitz still is, he really isn't that guy right now. All that said, it's more or less moot unless that offensive line is better. To me, that's priority No. 1. But fixing the wide receivers has to be a close second.

From Nicholas Rief via

"Since Steve Wilks is gone, will Josh Rosen still be the starter?"

Yes. I'm confused why people still have questions about whether Rosen is the QB.

I appreciate all the pie-in-the-sky wishes and dreams from fans. But as I noted earlier, I don't see the Raiders giving up an extra first to swap spots much less an extra first and a second. They need lots of players too. I think Bosa can be good but he's not that good. That's assuming he'll be another Mack, and that's far from certain.

From Nicole Bennett via

"Any chance Michael Bidwill will let Larry Fitzgerald choose the next head coach as a way to convince him to stay one more year? He's got a high football IQ and he is AZ royalty -- good way to get someone quality and get buy in from the team/fans/community at the same time!"

No. And you know what? Fitz doesn't want to have that asked of him. There are a lot of factors that go into whether he plays another year. The coach matters, but at this point, Fitz has played for so many coaches, in so many offenses, I don't think it is as big of a factor as one might think.

I think Kingsbury has an offensive mind that intrigues the Cardinals, especially after the offensive disaster of 2018. He's played in the NFL (for Bill Belichick) so he knows what the league is about. Yes, he had a losing record as a college coach, and that is not ideal. But if he were to be hired, you'd hope he'd get a good hire at defensive coordinator (something I'm sure the Cardinals would have to have considered). It is very much an unknown. But so is Matt LaFleur with the Packers. And given the available coaches right now, you can make a case.