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You've Got Mail: OTAs Are Here

Topics include Kyler Murray, Patrick Peterson and analytics


The Cardinals have reached the meat of the offseason work, beginning OTAs this week and culminating in a month with the mandatory minicamp to close out the summer. With that, on to your questions, and as always, you can leave one for next week's mailbag by clicking here.

At this point, it goes without saying there is a lot of mystery when it comes to what exactly this offense is going to look like. When it comes to Larry Fitzgerald specifically, I think the effort will be to get him in the best spots -- so I would expect him to play in both spots. It's important to find ways to get Fitz open through scheme. It's tougher, with all due respect to a Hall of Fame player, for Fitz to battle outside cornerbacks these days one-on-one. But again, like everything in the offense -- and as Kliff Kingsbury likes to say -- we'll see.

From Zack Clifford via

"With the latest news surrounding Patrick Peterson and his PED suspension, what is the likelihood he stays with the team the year? What kind of value would the Cards get should be be traded? Not that I want him to go, but if he already doesn't want to be here (referencing last years stunts) I say, see what you can get for him."

Nothing has changed for me in terms of thinking Peterson will be here in 2019. He remains one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL (and for those who argue that point, I simply believe you are wrong, as would NFL evaluators) and he'll still be around for 10 games. His value, given everything that has happened in the last year, won't be as high as it should. Everything is year to year in this league. It's possible the thought process could change next year as Peterson goes into the final year of his contract. But bottom line, a top cover corner is one of the premium positions in the league, along with QB, LT and pass rusher. If you move him, that leaves an awfully big hole. Ask the Raiders if it was worth it to trade Khalil Mack.

From Kevin Romo via

"Do you think it is possible that Patrick Peterson wanted to be suspended by the NFL because he wanted to force the Cardinals' hand and trade him?"

No. No. No.



I would assume you like Claiborne because of the Peterson situation, and we will see, but with Brock and Murphy already on hand, I'm not sure why they would need another cornerback, unless they determine he would be an upgrade. Any free agent signing at this point would be more of a bargain move of a guy wanting to do a prove-it deal, I'd think. Not sure the CB playing time will be there, especially when Peterson returns.

From John Agapito via

"I am a huge fan of ex-Steeler Marcus Gilbert. What will be his role with Arizona Cardinals NFL? Thank you."

Gilbert is going to start at right tackle. The hope is that he can stay healthy, which is the same for a few guys on the offensive line.

Brock certainly thinks someone will be able to meet that challenge. We'll see if Brock is ultimately the guy. David Amerson has a lot of NFL starting experience. And if you think Byron Murphy was the best cornerback in the draft, which the Cardinals did, you'd think he'd get a good shot at starting as well in this situation. As Kingsbury said, you can't replace Peterson. But the Cards have a lot of time to figure out how they want to approach it.

From Lorenzo Tewahaftewa via

"I was never a big on taking Murray with the 1st overall. Then, during the draft, the picks came in round after round. I wondered, if Rosen stayed our QB, and we drafted Bosa or Williams? Would we have still drafted towards an "Air Raid" offense? Now, I like the draft to support Murray! So two questions now; 1: Your opinion with the draft overall; 2. Thoughts on why they are not looking at Emmanuel Butler from NAU."

We'll start with the second question first: Butler signed with the Saints. As for my opinion of the draft, they went all in on Murray, believing he can be a transcendent player. We will see how it will play out. I can see what they saw, but he's got to do it on the field. I think they benefited from having the top pick in every round. I like the receivers they took. I think Zach Allen could end up quietly being a stud in the third round. But I need to see a lot more of everyone before I can really get a handle on what they have.

I feel an undercurrent of anger in here, Clue. We will see on that. If the pass rush is on point, it might not be as easy as people think. But yes, if I am those teams, and I have guys like Julio Jones and A.J. Green catching the ball, I'm thinking about attacking through the air.

From Steve Drumm via

"Much has been made about the use of analytics in determining a players ability and potential as a pro football player. PFF has become very popular these days and more and more teams, like the Cardinals, are establishing their own data-driven departments. Do you see analytics in evaluating prospects becoming more important to NFL teams nowadays than good ole fashioned film study and combine workouts?"

I think teams are trying to find a happy medium. In the end, it'll depend on the main decision-maker for each team and what he believes in his heart. It's somewhat surprising analytics has taken so long to really catch hold. But personally, I do believe in both, because we have all seen guys that are successful that don't look it, or guys that aren't even though all evidence -- analytical or otherwise -- says they should be.

You have to take a look but given what his market might be and the cost, I'm not sure he makes sense right now.

From Garth Short via

"Has the team announced the number of Murray jersey's that have been sold? And how does that compare to prior rookie jersey sales?

The team has not announced anything. The NFLPA puts out an annual report, although Murray won't show up until next March. Given Murray's impact in college, how he plays and what he means on social media, I wouldn't be surprised if his jersey sells a bunch.

From AJ Hall via

"Always see parts of the Cardinals cafe in videos. How's the food? What's your favorite dish? Do the players and staff have meal plans or included? Thanks for all that you do!"

The food is all made fresh by the in-house staff, and made with a healthy bent to help the players be in the best shape they can be. The players and football staff just eat down in the cafeteria as part of the day.

From Joy Brooks via

"I was just reading about DJ Humphries' improved physique this year and how he attributes it to good nutrition, along with a new pilates class. I think it's great and i think Coach Kingsbury should make his new routine mandatory for all lineman. I never understood why so many O-lineman equate being big and fat with being strong. Get these guys into shape and maybe they'll make it through the season. They also won't have to worry about how fast the tempo is and not keeping up. Just my opinion. What do you think?"

Lot to unpack here. One, I don't know if there is a one-size-fits-all way to train. Second, as D.J. noted with his own injury, if there is a way to train for 600 pounds falling on the back of a knee -- which is how many of the recent injuries have happened -- the linemen would do it. They aren't getting injured because of their conditioning or workout regiment. These guys are all pros. If they can't figure out the best way for them to compete in the NFL, they won't be in the NFL. I agree, some of this work makes sense.

From Mark King via

"Are we putting all our eggs in one basket and going to live or die with Murray? Or are we going to sign a veteran QB?"

Um, yes, the basket is gonna be Murray. That's what happens when you take a QB first overall. You are swinging for the fences and you are counting on connecting. I find it odd some people don't see that. And they did sign a veteran QB. Brett Hundley is in his fifth season. And he's going to be your backup.

Not sure why that matters. Obviously, Murray is the guy this team is counting on, and if he were not to work out, major change would probably be inevitable. Murray panning out or not, though, is three years from being determined, I'd think.

From Robert Malicki via

"Larry Fitzgerald has been hosting WR workout camps each summer, do you see him doing it again? With Kingsbury's bringing in a radical passing offense how does No.11 know what to teach? Wouldn't his camp QB need to be 'Kyler-like' in his abilities? Or, are Larry's camps more about growing into the NFL atmosphere and bonding?"

To be honest, I'm not sure Fitz still holds the camps like he once did. I have not heard about them as much, and with his children and wanting to do things in the offseason, I'm not sure he has the time. Besides, those camps were basic in trying to stay in shape and catching the ball, not about specifics.

From Michael Wellman via

"So now some fans think you need help in style and grooming? Why ask Kliff. I mean if it were me it would be Larry Fitzgerald whom I would talk to, if any tips for style and grooming were needed. Would you not agree Darren? GO CARDS!!!"

Style and grooming two weeks in a row. Impressive. Yes, Fitz has a look straight out of GQ. So does Kliff. Meanwhile, I will try to continue to protect my feelings on this matter.