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You've Got Mail: Owners Meetings Edition

Topics include free agents still on the market and the upcoming draft


The NFL owners are in town to discuss league business and Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury met with the media today, but that won't stop the train that is my weekly Cardinals mailbag. As always, you can leave a question for next week's mailbag by clicking here.

I think, with 10 picks total, the possibility is strong that at least one of them could be used in some kind of deal. Whether it is for a player or as ammunition in round maneuvering, it's impossible to say right now. But the best part about having so many picks is the flexibility it provides in that regard. Don't forget they have already dealt one of their Day 3 picks, the sixth-rounder that went to Pittsburgh for right tackle Marcus Gilbert -- who right now is expected to be the starter.

From Artie Bratton via

"What is the status of center. Is A.Q. Shipley still in the picture? Is going to be competition between him and Mason Cole? If Mason Cole does win out, would there be a spot for A.Q. elsewhere on the line?"

Shipley is definitely in the picture right now, although it will be interesting how the relationship between Cole and line coach Sean Kugler -- Cole and Kugler's son played alongside each other at the University of Michigan -- might impact things. Kugler already knows Cole's game. As for Shipley's role should Cole win the starting center job, I would think it's more likely Shipley will end up as the backup center than play another position.

From Robert Malicki via

"Our traded-for and FA-acquired players seem to address the issues of starter vacancies and depth needs. In your opinion, while these players do not seem to be coming to the Valley for offered megadeals, what are the apparent reasons for their signings?"

Well, all of them were asked those questions, and all of them gave answers. For Hicks, I'm guessing the Cards' package was pretty hefty. I think for some of them, it was probably the best monetary offer, like Sweezy or Philon. Suggs made it clear he wanted a chance to play at home. Kevin White sees opportunity, plus a chance to play with Larry Fitzgerald. There are always some other reasons involved. But money is usually high on the list, and I would think that is the ultimate driving force -- even if it isn't the "megadeal" you mention.

From Christopher Moya-Hernandez via

"Who will Cardinals draft beside QB in the first round, and how far in the season will they go will they have a better record then last year?"

I assume you are asking that, if the Cardinals don't take a QB, who might it be? I mean, the guys at the top of everyone's lists -- pass rushers Nick Bosa and Josh Allen, along with defensive tackle Quinnen Williams -- are the probable candidates. They would held fortify the defense. As far as a better record, we'll have to see. Long way to go before we know who will be on the roster for sure and how they acclimate to what the new coaching staff wants to do. You would hope they would have more than three wins.

In a report I saw that listed June 1 cuts, I did not see any of the Cardinals' moves reported.

From Jerrod Gilbert via

"Are the Cardinals planning on taking a shot at signing defensive lineman Brent Urban from the Ravens or Domata Peko from the Broncos?
What about LB Zach Brown released by the Redskins or Ndamukong Suh?"

I would think at this point, unless it's a bargain contract, the Cardinals are going to slow-play free agency until the draft. That doesn't mean another guy cannot sign, but we have moved into the time frame in which the draft is the priority -- they are going to have draft meetings soon -- and that's where the focus will be.

If you're asking what the receiver rankings will look like, I have no idea. I don't have access to the scouting reports, and they have yet to have the meetings to really hash each guy out. Wide receiver definitely figures to be important on the draft board, just knowing the talent that is out there and the need at the position.

From Earl Nevarez via

"Since there is still a need at WR, do you think there is a chance they take a look at some of the WRs from the AAF? In particular Rashad Ross from the Arizona Hotshots?"

Well, they already had Ross -- he was on the roster last offseason for a time, although he was released during training camp. The Cardinals are scouting the AAF (just like every NFL team) and are there guys who could end up on the Cards? Possibly. Some of those guys, aside from Ross, already were on the Cards.

From Punchy Juan via

"Not to beat a dead horse, but it seems every day I hear a new interview of a defensive Cards player saying how excited they are to go back to a 3-4 defense. Were you aware of the displeasure of the 4-3 among the players last year?"

I think most players were on board with the possibilities at first, and slowly became disillusioned as the season went on and the results weren't there. So no, I'm not shocked that now, they are anxious to go back to the other way.

First, thanks for the props on the series. That's up to each person, I'd think. Russell Maryland, the defensive tackle the Cowboys took in 1991, isn't a Hall of Famer and wasn't great, but he was someone who was a solid player for Super Bowl winners. Is that enough from your No. 1 overall pick? If you win Super Bowls, I'd say yes. But it's not like there are rules for such a thing.

I have not heard about any potential new jersey plans, for a single game or otherwise.

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