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You've Got Mail: Redskins Week

Talking receivers (again), draft success and that 53-man roster


The regular season has finally arrived. Washington visits on Sunday -- to State Farm Stadium -- and the games will finally count for real in Steve Wilks' first season. We've already had multiple mailbags of course, and those all already counted for real. On to your questions:

Nobody has said anything specific, but they obviously believed Munyer's upside/potential was greater. That's not a great thing when Boehm had been a (fourth-round) draft pick, but in the end, you can't be afraid to make such decisions if you are truly convinced you know which player needs to stay. When Munyer was first brought in a couple of years ago, they were very high on his potential. I would guess that has not changed. I know he had a lousy first preseason game, but he seems to have overcome that.

Can't say I have that detailed breakdown. Nor do I think those numbers have significant difference.

It's probably a small upset that Williams stuck, given his struggles at cornerback. But he provides some help outside on special teams. While I understand why people wonder about Williams, I am curious in people's opinion of Campbell. He unfortunately dealt with some injuries since arriving, and when he did play, he did not seem to make much of an impact. Not sure where you would see the upside. Williams was ahead of him on the depth chart all along.

  1. See 2.
  2. To answer both your questions, Williams is listed as the No. 2 receiver, but beyond that, how he and Kirk and J.J. Nelson fit likely will depend on the specific play called. I don't think any of them at this point have necessarily earned all the snaps. Not like Fitz. The slot guy will likely move around too -- Fitzgerald spent a lot of the offseason in different areas.

Capi has already made NFL teams. He played in games for the Giants and Bills last season. He was disruptive at times, yes. But unless you were watching him 100 percent of the time each play, I'm going to defer to the guys that indeed did break down his play on video later. It was always going to be an uphill climb for him as soon as he signed. It's not like they cut him for guys beneath him on the depth chart. He was behind everyone that did make it.

I'm sure you''ll be shocked to hear they do not share their specific scouting instructions. But it's fair to wonder about changes they might make going forward. There have obviously been too many linemen that have not worked out. You can go back and forth on that too, though. They have gotten decent play from John Wetzel, and they found him on the street, while they still believe in Munyer's potential. And hopefully they got it right with Mason Cole.

OK, I spent far to much time looking this up. I did the NFC West, including the Cardinals, back through 2014's draft. I did not include practice squad.

  1. Cardinals still have 18 of 33 picks.
  2. 49ers have 26 of 52.
  3. Seahawks have 22 of 47.
  4. Rams have 25 of 45.

First of all, every team has busts. There are no teams that are always great at making picks. Some drafts might be better than others, and it always may change. John Brown was a great pick for a while. Now, not so much. But if he resurrects his career in Baltimore, is he a good pick? As for picks like David Johnson "making up" for misses, I guess you can see it that way, but you need to hit on as many as you can because that's how you build a team around your top players.

High scoring as in touchdowns? Why does this feel like a fantasy football question? Seals-Jones, I would think, will be the most-targeted of their tight ends. How that manifests itself in stats is TBD. The way this offense seems to be setting up, I don't know what the passing distribution will look like. I'm most curious to see how they deploy David Johnson in the passing game.

By more consideration, you are saying why didn't they keep him? Because with a kicker, you can only keep him or not. How do you know how hard they considered keeping him? As far as the practice squad, those are valuable slots and most teams just aren't willing to give one up to a specialist, unless it was a couple years ago and Matt Wile got a couple of weeks to prepare before they moved on from Drew Butler.

If the Miracle Baby wants to make a comeback, I'm all for it. As for the "no names," Wilks made it pretty plain he kept who he wanted. Even if Butler or Little had been kept, the "star" factor would have been absent.


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