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You've Got Mail: The Bye Week

Topics included T.J. Logan, the base defense and momentum


From Hank Schleedoorn via

"Wondering why Chad Williams is not more involved in the offense? Is it poor route running? I'm thinking he could be the next Michael Floyd with his size."

With Chad, it's probably a little bit of everything. He just needs to improve in all facets, get some urgency into his game. The Cardinals have a need at what he does (and will have a bigger one whenever Larry Fitzgerald retires.) This is such a prime opportunity for him to really gather playing time. If he doesn't take advantage now, I'm not sure there will be a better time.

From SW via

"Really enjoy your coverage of the team. The Rooney Rule seems to have had a positive effect in the hiring of black head coaches in the NFL. I noticed this week that the Cardinals not only have a black Head coach, but that both the Offensive and Defensive coordinators are black too. Good on the Cardinals for not letting the race be a barrier in its coaching hires. Before the Cardinals, has there been an NFL team where the Head Coach and both coordinators were black?"

It has happened before, yes. Dennis Green did it in Minnesota when he had Sherman Lewis as his offensive coordinator and Emmitt Thomas as his defensive coordinator.

From Joseph via

"Actually I have a series of questions all interconnected to the same player. Why do you think ST coach Rodgers has not used TJ Logan? What has he not shown that says he is not the better kickoff return man than Brandon Williams? And have the coaches forgotten or discounted his preseason plays? And not just on special teams either but as a threat out of the backfield."

When it comes to T.J. Logan, Wilks said this week he wants Logan to be the kickoff return man going forward, although that can be impacted by injuries at other spots. Logan did get a couple of offensive snaps Sunday, but the reality is, since Logan doesn't excel on special teams other than kickoff return, it makes it harder -- as a third running back, and with David Johnson getting the vast majority of the work at running back -- to have Logan active on game days.

From Rudy Beltran via

"Do you think the base defense the cardinals ran all game long was an anomaly or can we expect to see that more often? Also how well do you think the D-line played without Corey Peters?"

Steve Wilks certainly seemed to make the point that it was likely an anomaly. It'll depend week to week, but once Tre Boston is healthy again, that'll impact who the Cards have on the field. As for the D-line, I thought they held up nicely. I thought Nkemdiche and Gunter did fine, better than the first 49ers game when Peters was the one consistent guy. They need that out of the non-Peters linemen.

The point you make is fair. But this season is about developing Josh Rosen. Bradford isn't your guy in 2019, and it's time now to get Rosen ready for that role.

From Jay Caldwell via

"I think a lot of this team since being stationed at Luke AFB in the past. I know Arizona can be good. Remember not too long ago they were 13-3, they can do it again you just need a few more new tools. What do you think?"

I think I appreciate the optimism. This offseason will be crucial for this team. As they sit right now, they need a significant upgrades around the roster, but they will have a chance in the offseason. Again, if you have a Rosen who improves and David Johnson in the backfield, I do believe you could make a jump next season if you do the right things with the roster.

From Korey Davis via

"Do you think that Cardinals should trade David Johnson for a first-round pick right now while he is still good and give Chase Edmonds the starting role?"

*Searches for way to post face-palm emoji*

From Gary Muller via

"Why aren't TJ Logan (the Bears use a similar Tariq Cohen with success) and Trent Sherfield not getting "any touches" on offense? We are 1-6 and not going to the Playoffs! Why not get them some playing time? Any thoughts on getting a Phil Dawson replacement some experience now?"

Logan isn't getting offensive touches because Chase Edmonds beat him out before the Cards even got to training camp and he hasn't been able to get that spot back. I would think that if the Cards saw some Cohen in Logan, they'd use him. Sherfield might find his way on to the field later in the season. But these guys are watched in practice each week and if they showed that kind of progress, I'd think they'd be on the field.

As for Dawson, it doesn't look at this point that they are going to bring in a replacement, no.

From Doug Keller via

"Did this win come at the wrong time? With the bye week, how much of the momentum from this win is going to subside by the time we head to Kansas City?"

  1. A win never comes at a wrong time. The alternative stinks.
  2. Momentum is an interesting concept. I think you can get a good vibe out of a victory, and it can help in practice. But that doesn't change how great Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs' offense has been. It is preparation and players that will impact the game in K.C.

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