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Videos - September 2021

Published On Title
2021-09-01 Isabella: 'It’s Been Tough For Sure'
2021-09-01 Lawrence: 'Everybody Is Strong Here'
2021-09-03 Folktales Trailer: Legendary Locker
2021-09-06 Kingsbury: 'Excited To See How They Perform'
2021-09-06 Moore: 'Whatever Happens, I’ll Be Ready'
2021-09-06 Simmons: 'I Like The Test, I Like The Matchup'
2021-09-06 Debate This - Elevating The Cornerback Spot
2021-09-08 Kingsbury: ‘I Like Where We’re At’
2021-09-08 Murray: 'I Can’t Wait'
2021-09-08 Baker: 'I’m Excited'
2021-09-09 Joseph: 'So Far So Good'
2021-09-09 Hopkins: 'Definitely A Test For Us'
2021-09-09 Watt: ‘You Have To Have That Trust’
2021-09-10 Team To Team: Titans Week
2021-09-10 Humphries: 'Highest Honors'
2021-09-10 Kingsbury: 'It's A Great Measuring Stick'
2021-09-11 Game Plan With Kliff Kingsbury - Titans Week
2021-09-12 A.J. Green's First Catch as a Cardinal
2021-09-12 Kyler Murray Finds DeAndre Hopkins All Alone for 38
2021-09-12 Chandler Jones Strip-Sack Leads to Near Score
2021-09-12 Murray Connects With Hopkins for Tightrope TD
2021-09-12 Chandler Jones Flys Around the Edge for Second Sack
2021-09-12 Chandler Jones Records his THIRD Sack of First Quarter
2021-09-12 Murray Connects With Kirk on Picture Perfect Pass
2021-09-12 Kyler Murray Scoots Into End Zone Untouched
2021-09-12 Rondale Moore Turns on the Jets on 29-yard Gain
2021-09-12 Murray Leaves Defenders Grasping For Air, Picks up First
2021-09-12 Murray Lofts Beautiful Fade-Away to Kirk for TD
2021-09-12 Kirk Contorts to Make Back-Shoulder TD Grab
2021-09-12 Chandler Jones Picks Up Sack No. 4
2021-09-12 An Aerial Look At DeAndre Hopkins' Back-Of-The-End-Zone TD In Tennessee
2021-09-12 Every Sack From Chandler Jones' Dominant Week 1
2021-09-12 Kyler Murray's Best Plays of Week 1
2021-09-12 Every DeAndre Hopkins Catch From Week 1
2021-09-12 60 In Six:  Week 1 vs. Titans
2021-09-12 Victory Speech: ‘Starting With Number 55’
2021-09-12 Kingsbury: ‘We Talk About Starting Fast’
2021-09-12 Baker: 'You Can Feel The Greatness'
2021-09-12 Hopkins: ‘That’s What I Do’
2021-09-12 Kirk: ‘We Want To Be Great’
2021-09-12 Simmons: 'We Were Able To Learn A Little Bit About Ourselves'
2021-09-12 Murray: 'Today We Took Care Of Business'
2021-09-13 Next Gen Stats: Kyler Murray's 5 Least Probable Completions Week 1
2021-09-13 Kingsbury: 'We Got A Long Way To Go'
2021-09-14 Chandler Jones: Quarterback Nightmare
2021-09-14 Edmonds: 'Just One Week’
2021-09-14 Peters: ‘Excitement Is Only Building’
2021-09-14 Baldy's Breakdowns: Kyler Murray Continues To Amaze
2021-09-15 Cardinals-Vikings Matchups To Watch Week 2
2021-09-15 Kingsbury: 'I Like Where It’s Trending'
2021-09-15 Murray: "We’re Just Trying To Win'
2021-09-15 Quick Slant: Chandler Jones' Dominating Game
2021-09-15 Folktales Trailer: The Night The Goalposts Vanished
2021-09-16 Pugh: 'I Feed Off Of That'
2021-09-16 Joseph: 'Not Have A Letdown'
2021-09-16 Watt: 'It Worked Out Perfectly'
2021-09-16 Team To Team: Vikings Week
2021-09-17 Hudson: 'It Takes A Lot Of Film Study'
2021-09-17 Murphy: 'Other Guys Got To Step Up'
2021-09-17 Kingsbury: 'It'll Be A Real Challenge'
2021-09-18 Game Plan With Kliff Kingsbury - Vikings Week
2021-09-18 Cardinals In Focus - Vikings Week
2021-09-18 Inside The Numbers - Tennessee Titans
2021-09-19 Murray Shimmies, Shakes And Finds Hopkins For Six
2021-09-19 Kirk Makes Contested Catch To Convert On Third Down
2021-09-19 Williams Plucks Tipped Pass Out Of The Air
2021-09-19 Murray Connects With Moore For 77-Yard Score
2021-09-19 Murray Turns On The Jets To Sneak Into The End Zone
2021-09-19 Moore Puts Defenders On Skates To Set Up Field Goal
2021-09-19 Prater Connects On Record-Breaking Field Goal
2021-09-19 Green Stiff-Arms Defender And Goes Airborne For Six
2021-09-19 Murray Floats Drops It In The Bucket To Green
2021-09-19 Jones Lights Up Vikings Cook To Force Incompletion
2021-09-19 Murray Tosses Fadeaway To Kirk To Convert On 4th Down
2021-09-19 60 In Six: Week 2 vs. Vikings
2021-09-20 Kyler Murray's Best Plays From Week 2
2021-09-20 Every Rondale Moore Catch From Week 2
2021-09-20 Victory Speech: 'It Worked Out In The End'
2021-09-20 Kingsbury: 'Hopefully We Can Keep It Going'
2021-09-20 Moore: 'Hopefully He Sees Me'
2021-09-20 Williams: 'Go Forward With It'
2021-09-20 Hicks: 'A Win Is A Win'
2021-09-20 Murray: 'Not Easy To Win In This League'
2021-09-20 Kingsbury: 'Definitely Playing At A High Level'
2021-09-20 Baldy's Breakdowns: Kyler Murray Put On QB Masterclass
2021-09-21 Kirk: 'Don't Take The Cheese'
2021-09-21 Golden: 'We Went Out There And Did Our Job.'
2021-09-22 True View: Cardinals Sneak By Vikings Week 2
2021-09-22 Theragun: Training Days - Episode 1
2021-09-22 Simmons: ‘Love A Good Matchup’
2021-09-22 Anquan Boldin Reflects On Career, Eligibility For 2022 HOF Class
2021-09-23 Green: 'We Have A Real Special Group’
2021-09-23 Joseph: ‘Critical For Us’
2021-09-23 Watt: ‘It’s Part Of The Early Season’
2021-09-23 Team To Team: Jaguars Week
2021-09-23 Practice Highlights - Week 3
2021-09-24 Humphries: 'Everyone Came To Work With A Focus'
2021-09-24 Kingsbury: 'A Couple Of Guys'
2021-09-24 Wired - DeAndre Hopkins vs Vikings
2021-09-25 Game Plan With Kliff Kingsbury - Jaguars Week
2021-09-26 Cardinals in Focus - Jaguars Week
2021-09-26 Murphy Picks Off Lawrence In The Red Zone
2021-09-26 Hopkins Reverses Field To Pick Up First Down
2021-09-26 Murphy Gives Cardinals The Lead With Pick Six!
2021-09-26 Murray Connects With Kirk To Pick Up Huge Gain
2021-09-26 Conner Punches In Second Touchdown Of The Day
2021-09-26 Referee Hits Punt With Flag In Mid-Air, Causing Moore To Muff
2021-09-26 Green Comes Back To Snag Jump Ball
2021-09-26 Every Kirk Catch From 104-Yard Performance Week 3
2021-09-26 Conner Scores First Touchdown As A Cardinal
2021-09-26 Watt Blows Through The Line To Make TFL
2021-09-26 Kennard Fights Through Block To Take Down RB For Loss
2021-09-26 Green Finds Soft Spot, Shows Off Strength For Big Gain
2021-09-26 Cards Recover After Running Back Causes Lawrence Fumble
2021-09-26 Victory Speech: 'That's Two Weeks in a Row You've Handled Adversity'
2021-09-26 Cardinals' Top Plays vs. Jaguars Week 3
2021-09-26 Murray Fools Jags Defense, Walks In For Six
2021-09-26 Kingsbury: 'There Was No Panic'
2021-09-26 Green: 'It Shows What We're Made Of As A Team'
2021-09-26 Humphries: 'Nobody Had Any Quit In Their Eyes'
2021-09-26 60 in Six: Week 3 vs. Jaguars
2021-09-27 Kingsbury: 'Responded Quickly'
2021-09-27 Trayvon Mullen Breaks Up A Deep Pass
2021-09-28 Kirk: 'We Hold Ourselves To A High Standard'
2021-09-28 Wilson: 'Made Sure I Prepared The Right Way'
2021-09-29 Baldy's Breakdowns: How The Cardinals Rallied In Jacksonville
2021-09-29 Quick Slant - Murphy To The House
2021-09-29 Kingsbury: 'We Have To Continue To Get Him The Ball'
2021-09-29 Murray: 'There’s No Shying Away From It'
2021-09-30 Kugler: 'He’s One Of Our Best Five'
2021-09-30 Jones: 'Got A Lot Of Depth In Our Room'
2021-09-30 Baldinger: Kyler Murray Looks 'A Lot More Comfortable' In Pocket