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Cards Conclude Round 1 of Relocation Project


Come end-of-day Saturday, the Arizona Cardinals will conclude round 1 of the relocation project, which consists of initial selections made by all existing season ticket holders. On Monday, March 13, the Cardinals will begin to address requests for additional seats made by season ticket holders during round 1. This exclusive selection period is considered round 2 of the process and will continue through the middle of the following week. Again, round 2 consists only of seat selections made by existing season ticket holders which are in addition to what they selected during round 1.

Furthermore, the Cardinals have mailed invitations to all season ticket holders who put in a request for additional seats. Those season ticket holders who have not yet received an invitation and do wish to add seats to their account are asked to contact the Cardinals at (602) 379-0102 to arrange for a selection appointment time and date.

Immediately following round 2, near the end of March, the Cardinals will turn their focus toward seating the growing list of deposit holders. This round of selections will continue well-into April as the number of new deposits being placed is continually rising.

Although a large number of ticket holders have already selected their seats for 2006, several excellent locations remain for those still waiting to choose. Seating along the Main (lower) Level Sidelines and Endzone, as well as the seating on the Stadium Club Level and Ring of Honor, are going very quickly. However, outstanding seats remain available in the corners on the Main Level, which in itself is progressing along to fill up entirely with Cardinals season ticket holders for the inaugural season at Cardinals Stadium.

To join the growing list of deposit holders waiting to select seats, call the Cardinals today at (602) 379-0102 or place a deposit online at

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