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Kliff Kingsbury A Big Fan Of The Shotgun Formation

Cardinals coach believes it helps quarterbacks read defenses quicker

QB Josh Rosen in shotgun against the Lions
QB Josh Rosen in shotgun against the Lions

Kliff Kingsbury has been vague about many aspects of his offense heading into 2019, but one thing seems clear: the vast majority of his play-calls will come from the shotgun formation.

Kingsbury was asked about the advantages and disadvantages of the alignment on Tuesday morning from the owners meetings and gave an ardent defense of the shotgun.

"I've never seen disadvantages," Kingsbury said. "Some people say there are. I don't. I know some people say you've got to have a downhill run game from under center, but then you watch Baltimore with Lamar (Jackson) last year, and he was in shotgun 100 percent of the time and they led the league. They had 230 yards a game in rushing. So I've never bought into that. Some other people have theories about it, but I think you can do everything just as well from shotgun as you can under center."

Kingsbury said the shotgun makes life easier on quarterbacks in the passing game. Instead of spending time dropping back in the pocket, it gives them a head start.

"It just eliminates having to get away from the center," Kingsbury said. "Those are big guys pushing back in your face right away, so you're seeing a clearer picture sooner. Whereas when you're under center, it takes a while to see the field and see that clear picture. To me, you're able to see it clearer pre-snap and post-snap."

Kingbsury said there are times in short yardage when he may elect to do a quarterback sneak or another quick-hitting play from under center, but even including goal-line situations, he finds the shotgun to be the optimal formation.

"For the most part, shotgun, I haven't found a reason not to be in it," Kingsbury said.