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New Uniforms For The Arizona Cardinals
Team goes for clean look in updating for first time since 2005
By Darren Urban Apr 21, 2023
Photographs By Caitlyn Epes

JERSEY AVAILABILITY: The new Cardinals jerseys are available online for purchase at will be available at the State Farm Stadium team shop starting at 10 a.m. Friday.

James Conner emerged from the makeshift dressing room in the corner of the Cardinals' practice bubble, a wide smile on his face as he walked around in the team's new all-white road uniform.

The running back, along with a handful of teammates, was taking part in a secretive photo and video shoot for the team's new look. He was also absorbing what it meant to wear it.

"It goes back to the old Deion (Sanders) quote, 'Look good, feel good; feel good, play good; play good they pay good,' " Conner said. "But man, I'll take it a step further. Even the first day of (workouts) it just has felt like a different energy in the whole building. This (coaching) staff, you can't teach hunger, and everyone just seems real hungry.

"And the jerseys on top of it? It's a fresh start all around."

The Cardinals officially unveiled their new uniforms on Thursday night in an event at The Van Buren in downtown Phoenix. It was a process years in the making, with COVID interference, to reach a point for which many fans had lobbied for so long.

All red for the home look. All white for the road. All black for the alternate. Details everywhere altered, including the helmets – although the main one remains white.

"When we were looking at all of the different options and considering the elements we wanted to have involved, one of the things is we wanted a really clean look," owner Michael Bidwill said.

Portraits and details of the Arizona Cardinals new uniforms to be worn during the 2023 season

The Cardinals last had a uniform overhaul in 2005. At that unveiling, among the models were a just-signed free agent quarterback named Kurt Warner, and Larry Fitzgerald, Darnell Dockett and Karlos Dansby, all of whom had just finished their rookie season.

After current quarterback Kyler Murray had finished his rookie season, he mentioned over his Twitch feed in March of 2020 he too wouldn't mind a new uniform.

Eighteen years to the day the Cardinals unveiled their last new look, they did it again Thursday night.

"I think I said it after my rookie year?" Murray said. "So yeah, for it to finally come to fruition, and (the uniforms) are crazy. I think they are crazy. Hopefully the fans like them. Real original, real basic, hard to mess them up.

"If you can't look good in these, you can't look good, that's all I'm saying."

The process, Bidwill said, started a few years ago.

"We had been looking at this, our fans had been talking about it, our players had talked about it, and it was something I had wanted to do," he said. "It was important to me that we honor the history of the team and some of the tradition, but also evolve this uniform into something that will be embraced by our fans, by our players, by everyone."

On the home red jersey, "ARIZONA" is emblazoned across the front for the first time, above the number. Perforated twill numbers are outlined in silver. "Protect The Nest" is embroidered inside the collar. On the away white uniform, silver and red stripes appear on the shoulder of the jersey and the pants, with the numbers outlined in black and "Bird Gang" stitched inside the collar. The white helmet for both outfits features a silver facemask, a larger birdhead logo enhanced in 3D, and silver flakes to give it a sparkle, much like the black alternate helmet previously received with red flakes.

On the black alternate uniform, there is silver and red striping on the shoulder and pants, with silver outlining the twill numbers and "Bird Gang" inside the collar. The black alternate helmet, introduced last season, also gets the larger logo.

"The three main things we focused on were, how do we tell the traditional story and amplify some elements from the past, how do we bring it through the lens of modern-classic so it feels fresh, unique, and different for the franchise, and also how are we inclusive of all the fans in Arizona and the players as well, to get people really excited for what is coming with this uniform?" said Kristi Lauzonis, Nike's design director of licenses and team, who worked on the re-design.

Nike had representatives go to State Farm Stadium and the Dignity Health Training Center, walk around and take photos and use that information as an anchor for the idea process. The details go all as deep as the perforated numbers representing the corrugated metal seen around the stadium, or the one-color logo echoing the palate of the brand, or the silver much like the exterior of the stadium.

"We test out all the possible iterations," Lauzonis said of the Nike Vapor F.U.S.E. (Field Utility Special Edition) outfits.

All that came later, long after the process originally began in 2019. COVID first interrupted and then impacted the timeline going forward. Usually, much of the design work would be in person, looking through swatches of fabric and making decisions face-to-face.

Instead, Zoom calls were the norm, slowing down the back-and-forth. Supply chain issues also reared up. The hope had been to have new uniforms for 2022, Bidwill said, but that didn't materialize.

"It was time to update it," Bidwill said.

In the quest to modernize the uniform yet speak to tradition, the Cardinals used multiple voices internally, including members of the Bidwill family and senior leadership. Murray was asked to give some input. But Bidwill specifically noted the work of senior vice president of marketing Lisa Manning – "The person I have really looked to for a long time to help us stay consistent to our brand" – as well as equipment manager Jeff Schwimmer.

Schwimmer helped evaluate the jerseys from a tangible football perspective. He was the one who noticed, on an earlier version, that the fabric being used for the silver portions had a tackiness that could allow defenders to have an easier time holding on for a tackle. That was fixed for the end product.

Those are the small details that matter.

Big picture, the Cardinals have overhauled their look for the first time since before they moved into State Farm Stadium.

"I'm going to be honest, because I play O-line, I'm all about maximizing swag as much as I can," said tackle D.J. Humphries, going into his ninth season in Arizona. "I had the old uniform swag down pat, so I pretty much am re-starting my swag journey all over again. But I am glad we got the new jerseys, because they are sweet."

The players given an early look at their new look were -- not surprisingly -- enthusiastic.

"It means a lot, not only how you represent a team, but how you represent yourself," wide receiver Hollywood Brown said. "It's always a breath of fresh air when you get a new uniform."

Was it necessarily forefront of mind? Yes, Murray had brought it up a few times in the past, but tight end Zach Ertz noted that for most players, whatever they are putting on in the locker room before a game is meaningful just because of what it means.

Not everyone gets to don an NFL jersey, regardless of what it might look like.

"You take pride in your jersey, you take pride in representing something bigger than yourself," Ertz said. "The jersey is a symbol of the pride you feel for being in an organization and playing for that team."

Now the Cardinals have a new jersey for the players – and the fans who asked for it for so long – as their symbol.

"It's the confidence it gives. Look good, feel good, play good," Murray said. "I know people outside may not believe but I think it's a real thing. If you feel good, you go out and perform."

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