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The "pressure" of OTAs

Bruce Arians was talking about a play near the end of Thursday's OTA, a two-minute drill in which the "young guys panicked."

"When the clock's running, we have a certain play we go to and (expletive), they lined up all over the place," Arians said. "Those are the type of things that get you beat."

Arians has talked about the team being more intelligent on the field. Asked if the staff didn't emphasize that enough last year, Arians said no, simply that the Cardinals didn't make important plays at the end of games  -- in all three phases -- last season as they had in 2015.

"We made mental errors in critical situations that we hadn't made in the past," Arians said. "That's been a big point of emphasis."

Hence Arians' issues with the mistake in the two-minute drill. This is why Arians and the Cardinals like to work on specific situations here in the heat of June -- so many seconds left, the team trailing by "x" amount  of points. The Cards do it in training camp and the regular season as well, but now is when the rookies and the newbies get a taste of how Arians wants things done. Obviously, as Arians noted Thursday, the pressure can still build without pads and in shorts months from football that counts.

"I've seen some really bright young players that don't make those mistakes and are calm under pressure," Arians said. "Pressure is usually something (where) you don't know what the hell you're doing. That's why you feel it. If you know what you're doing, you never feel it."