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You've Got Mail: We Have Moved Into (Draft) Silly Season

Topics include getting a skyscraper receiver, the need for editors, and who the fans would pick


Is it draft week yet? (Narrator: It is not draft week yet). All that means is increasingly crazy speculation. But the players have returned to the building with the beginning of the offseason program. Why don't we welcome them with a mailbag? Questions have been edited for length and clarity. Don't forget to send a question for a future mailbag with at least a first name and last initial.

From Martin K:

"Thanks for presenting your take on historic drafts and picks. It makes me even more excited because I have the feeling that this will be another historic one.

  1. Reading between the lines shouldn't we take Monti Ossenfort's demand for three first rounders as him saying we stay put? And with the draft packed with so many good players shouldn't we trade down from No. 27 or find other ways to get more second-round picks? I am thinking there will be a spillover of first-round caliber Edge/DL and CB available in the second round.
  2. I still remember the times when Harold Carmichael punished the Cardinals twice a year. Wouldn't it be scary to have a second, even taller receiver line up with Marvin Harrison and Trey McBride? I watched Florida State do this last season with a mobile QB and it was fun to watch."

I'm sure Monti would like it to be historic in the best way possible. Let's start with your original premise: How do we know Monti is demanding three first-rounders? Possible he is. Possible he isn't. Possible that's something floated by someone else as misinformation. Possible he wants more. (I don't know, just sayin'.) But let's say it's a thing. It's no different than someone coming to you when you don't really want to move and asking to buy your house. There's a price that would be too good to turn down, right? Feels like that's where the Cardinals are on this. Trading down from 27 is also an option too, but again, it depends on how the board falls and what the Cardinals might want to get at the time.

You mention Florida State with the taller receivers like Keon Coleman or Johnny Wilson, and they would be those guys -- but are they the receiver you need? Do they check all the boxes, and "pay the price of admission" as Jonathan Gannon likes to say? I'm not taking a receiver just because he is 6-foot-7. Carmichael was a great receiver who happened to be that tall, he wasn't great because he was that tall.

From Michael T:

"Hello Darren. Thanks again for this forum to ask a question. With the draft coming up soon and all the conversation about rating quarterbacks past and future, the talking football heads never or rarely mention Kyler. Where do you rate Kyler as a NFL quarterback? Would you draft a quarterback at 4 and trade Kyler to restart the QB clock?"

I don't know necessarily where I would put Kyler. A lot of "rankings" have him in the 10-12 range, and that's probably fair right now. But I do want to see him in this offense with a whole offseason. I have no doubt he can jump that level of play -- some of it is contingent on wins. That's just the reality of being a QB. But no I wouldn't draft a QB. Saying you "restart the QB clock" sounds great. But starting over with a rookie QB is hard and moving the start line further back. And you aren't sure you're going to get someone better than Kyler. I don't really understand wanting that scenario right now.

From Jason W:

"Good afternoon, I know you may not recall my question/vent about Paulie and his trade-back crusade from last week's mailbag, but after re-reading that, what a word salad! I think I hit on my bingo card that I didn't even know I was playing, yeeessshh. Anyway, thank you as always for your content, have a great day!"

As always Jason, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Also, editors are good. I am self-aware enough to know that.

From Mikey Day:

"Hey Darren. Have you ever heard of the Cardinals being interested in or talking to OBJ at any point over the last few years? It's very 'Donovan McNabb lives in Chandler,' yes, but OBJ has a house here and he's always training over at Exos on the 101. He's friends with Devin Booker. It just seems he would have been a guy the team, whether that be Keim or Monti, should have approached at some point. Maybe they did and I didnt hear about it."

First of all, props for the McNabb-lives-in-Chandler meme that came about long before the mailbag existed. You're right, that's what this is. With all due respect to Odell Beckham Jr., I am guessing where he is in his career and age doesn't fit what the Cardinals are trying to do. It'd be one thing if he was still a 1,000-yard receiver, but he is not, and when the injury history is factored in, it doesn't make sense.

From Matthew Stroh:

"Hey Darren. I hear a lot of people, including Paul Calvisi, saying next year's QB draft class will stink. Part of me thinks it's a issue of thinking of now now now and everything else doesn't matter. If you were one of these QB coming out in 2025 how would you react this offseason when you hear you aren't any good? What would you do if that was your child in college and was a QB and hearing your kid is not that good? Thank you for your time. Tell Paul I know a new dog is a lot but my family and I have 15 rescued indoor cats and two pitbulls."

That's a lot of animals running around, Matthew. But in terms of next year's draft class of QBs, as a parent, would I love it? Of course not. But there is only one way to change it and that's with each individual's play. Heck, we don't even know who will be in the 2025 QB draft class.

From Darell from Pinetop:

"Hey Darren, I have a question. What if the mailbag asked the fans who they would draft with the Cardinals' picks? I'm sure MHJ would be one of the most popular picks, but it would be interesting to see how the rest of the fans feel (and get get us involved as well). All for fun, of course, just to see what the popular opinions are."

If fans want to chime in in that way, cool. I can tally it up if we get a decent amount. (Let's be clear, I'm not going to post everyone's analysis of why they pick what they pick at 4 and 27, but I can note the names.) Feel free to send it in via the same way you ask a question. Or do both in the same email. That's cool too.

From Mike Borden:

"Has Kyler Murray ever said who he would like to see drafted as wide receiver in the 2034 draft?"

No he has not, but that would be weird.

(What did we say about editors earlier? And no Kyler hasn't said anything publicly about the draft.)

From Guillermo Rabling:

"Darren, if you are the GM of the Arizona Cardinals, and if you have the opportunity to make a deal with the Washington Commanders and send Kyler Murray to them, what will you ask in exchange? And in that scenario, which QB will you select in the first round?"

Again, as I said earlier, if I was GM, I wouldn't make that trade, No. 1. No. 2, Kliff Kingsbury is the OC in Washington. Have you been paying attention the last couple of years?

From Sebas Quiros:

"Why exactly is the NFL so strict with uniforms and helmets? I feel like it shouldn't matter that much what combination of uni and helmet you wear and etc. as long as they don't get confused with the other team."

That's just the NFL. They don't want any slippage in terms of look or presentation. Same reason these players get fined real money if they don't make sure their socks connect to their pants during games.

From Greg Painter:

"Thank you again. I am the one pounding the drum for trading down and acquiring multiple picks as assets, to pick and use as draft collateral in future years. That being said, and the Cards having 11 picks, do you double up on some positions of need to hopefully come out of the draft with at least one hit (one early, one late)? I'm not a fan of the Moore-Ridder trade. Do you think the Cards may take a chance on a QB in the sixth or seventh round as a backup (now that you can have three QBs on active roster) or even as a tradable asset down the road? Would it be a bad thing if the Cards pass on MHJ and another receiver instead? Who do they take at 27 if Byron Murphy, Chop Robinson, Cooper DeJean and Graham Barton are sitting there? What position do you think the Cards are going to view as the biggest need and how do you think they will address it? IF QBs go 1,2,3 would YOU or do you think the Cards will move to 11-13? Do you think Monti is trying to have this many picks every year?"

I know you see what the Thunder do in the NBA as a comparison, Greg, in terms of stockpiling picks, but the NBA and NFL are two totally different animals. You can't afford to stockpile that many picks in the NFL. You gotta use them and build a roster. In the NBA, you can afford to trade them for great players because you only need a handful of greatness to be a really good team. Now, on to your many questions:

  1. If the Cardinals keep all 11 picks, yes, I could see them doubling up on positions, maybe IOL, CB, WR.
  2. The Cardinals aren't drafting a QB. You just drafted Tune. I'd want to see what he can do in his second year.
  3. If you are saying take Nabers or Odunze at 4 instead of MHJ, I don't know if it would be bad. I know fans would have a collective conniption, however.
  4. If all four of those guys are still there at 27, Monti Ossenfort will have to feel incredibly fortunate and might have a chance to trade down a couple of spots and still get one of those guys.
  5. I think they have a handful of biggest needs, but who is on the board at the time of their picks will determine who gets taken. They need a standout edge, a standout CB, a standout receiver, a standout guard.
  6. I can't answer that about the trade because I would have to know what I am getting (as I mentioned higher in the 'bag) and who is on the board. What if the Patriots stay at 3 and take MHJ? What then?
  7. No I don't think he'll want this many picks every year. But he will want to have flexibility.

From Andy R:

"Will Kent Somers' excellent work return to this season? If not, I enjoyed it while it lasted. And Darren Urban, you deserve much praise for bringing him on board."

Alas, Kent will not be returning, with a lot of things undergoing an overhaul with the changes on the business side. Don't fret -- Kent just got to spend his anniversary on a European vacation. He's living his best life.

From Steve Erman:

"Darren, you've been around football for a long time now. You've rubbed shoulders with some great players and some not great players. You've seen games, practices and things that fans never see behind the scenes. I want to ask you to take all of your experiences and put on your scout hat and scout Kyler Murray, as he is today. What are his strengths? What are his weaknesses? What can he improve? What can't he improve, and must compensate for? What type of offense would best support his strengths and protect his weaknesses?"

All my experiences do not make me a scout, so let's be clear on that. I am still not privy to enough/all the information needed. But Kyler, in my opinion, is in a good offense for him to flourish. I like leaning on the run. I like having a tight end that is a weapon. I do think they need a top-end receiver to go with McBride and Michael Wilson that can only aid Kyler. He can't improve his height -- even he acknowledges that -- but a continued stress on play-action and rolling out opposite can help the intermediate game. It feels like the deep game has been absent more than Kyler or the Cardinals would like, but hopefully that changes with a new receiver added into the mix. I want to see what he can accomplish with a full offseason in this offense, to really practice it without a game looming a few days later.

From Jason Fajardo:

"Hi Darren. Love the mailbag! I look forward to it every week. I just came up with a mock draft that blew my mind. Tell me if you think this is possible.

  • QBs go 1, 2, 3.
  • Cards trade No. 4 to Vikings in exchange for 11, 23 and 2025 2nd/3rd rounder.
  • Denver offers the farm to move up to 5 and get a QB, Harbaugh can't resist.
  • The Giants at 6 gets their pick for top WR, probably Harrison.
  • Titans go with Alt at 7
  • Cards swap 23, 27 and 2nd/3rd rounder in 2025 with Atlanta to come up to 8 and get Rome Odunze.
  • Bears go O-line at 9 to protect their new QB
  • Cards somehow land Malik Nabers at 11 and shock the football world?

Please tell me there's a chance. Your opinion percentage wise."

No. None. Zero. And for about eight different reasons. But thanks for playing!

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