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Videos - September 2015

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2015-09-01 Logan Thomas talks battle for third QB spot
2015-09-01 Michael Floyd hopes to be ready for week one
2015-09-01 Arians 'happy' with week of practice
2015-09-02 Neighborhood Heroes: Perry High School
2015-09-03 Wired: Kevin Minter at Oakland
2015-09-03 2015 Arizona Cardinals Kickoff Luncheon
2015-09-03 New to the Nest - J.J. Nelson
2015-09-03 Highlight: Chris Johnson jukes defender
2015-09-03 Highlight: Paul Lasike 4-yard TD catch
2015-09-03 Highlight: Martin sacks Siemian for 15-yard loss
2015-09-03 Highlight: Kerwynn Williams 9-yard touchdown run
2015-09-03 Highlight: J.J. Nelson 59-yard TD reception
2015-09-03 Highlight: Chris Clemons picks off Trevor Siemian
2015-09-03 Highlights: Arizona Cardinals vs. Denver Broncos
2015-09-03 Locker Room Speech - 'That was a nice team win'
2015-09-03 Bruce Arians: Some young guys really stepped up
2015-09-03 Chris Johnson evaluates his first game action
2015-09-03 Weatherspoon working to get into football shape
2015-09-03 Thomas: 'Hopefully I've done what I had to do'
2015-09-04 Arians: 'This is the best football team we've had'
2015-09-06 Madden 16 Ratings Debate
2015-09-07 Road to Super Bowl 50: Arizona Cardinals
2015-09-08 Bruce Scoops - Coach Arians' "Plan B"
2015-09-08 Arians: 'Respect the process'
2015-09-08 Sendlein: 'They signed me to compete'
2015-09-08 Johnson on Week 1 vs. New Orleans
2015-09-08 Palmer prepares for Rob Ryan, Saints defense
2015-09-08 Matt Barkley embracing fresh start with Cardinals
2015-09-08 Watford on opportunity to start
2015-09-08 Brown: 'It'll be a lot of trouble'
2015-09-08 New Orleans Saints vs. Arizona Cardinals game preview
2015-09-08 Cards Daily - New starters, new faces
2015-09-08 Michael Floyd says he's 'real close' to returning
2015-09-09 Arians updates injuries, Michael Floyd's status
2015-09-09 Campbell: 'We need to match their intensity'
2015-09-09 Peterson: 'Best I've felt' in the NFL
2015-09-09 Mathieu 'looking forward' to playing hometown
2015-09-09 Calais Campbell goes back to school
2015-09-09 Weatherspoon: 'It felt great to play football'
2015-09-09 Cards Daily-Patrick Peterson's 'special duties'
2015-09-10 Drew Brees on facing Peterson, Mathieu
2015-09-10 Bettcher: 'Great first test for our defense'
2015-09-10 Goodwin talks season opener
2015-09-10 Joseph Fauria joins Cardinals
2015-09-10 Kenny Vaccaro on facing the Cardinals offense
2015-09-10 Brandin Cooks looks forward to facing Peterson
2015-09-10 Kenny Vaccaro on facing the Arizona Cardinals
2015-09-10 Brandin Cooks on facing the Cardinals' secondary
2015-09-10 Fitzgerald on opener: 'I still get butterflies'
2015-09-10 Akiem Hicks on the start of the season
2015-09-10 Cards Daily - Cardinals' Identity
2015-09-11 Tillman Talks On Sept. 12, 2001
2015-09-11 Coming Soon: Saints vs. Cardinals
2015-09-11 Arians confident in offensive line
2015-09-11 Big Red Rage with Calais Campbell Kicks Off
2015-09-11 Cardinals Chronicles - Markus Golden
2015-09-11 Wired: The Preseason
2015-09-11 Cards Daily - Training Facility Tour
2015-09-12 Zoom - Jen Welter's Legacy
2015-09-13 Flight Plan 09/13 - Segment Five
2015-09-13 Flight Plan 09/13 - Segment Four
2015-09-13 Flight Plan 09/13 - Segment Three
2015-09-13 Flight Plan 09/13 - Segment Two
2015-09-13 Flight Plan 09/13 - Segment One
2015-09-13 #NOvsAZ Game Teaser
2015-09-13 Pregame huddle vs Saints
2015-09-13 Highlight: Palmer to John Brown for 10-yard TD
2015-09-13 Highlight: Palmer to Darren Fells for 48 yards
2015-09-13 Highlight: Andre Ellington for 1-yard TD
2015-09-13 Highlight: Brees intercepted by Rashad Johnson
2015-09-13 Highlight: Andre Ellington injured on 2-yard run
2015-09-13 Highlight: Darren Fells for 17-yard TD
2015-09-13 Highlight: Johnson for 55-yard TD
2015-09-13 Week 1: Carson Palmer highlights
2015-09-13 Saints vs. Cardinals highlights
2015-09-13 Locker Room Speech: 'Hard work got us here'
2015-09-13 Palmer: 'You love being offensive on offense'
2015-09-13 Arians: Mistakes are 'easily correctible'
2015-09-13 Week 1: Saints vs. Cardinals highlights
2015-09-13 Two Minute Drill: Saints
2015-09-13 Peterson: 'We made the plays we needed to make'
2015-09-13 Tyrann Mathieu calls opener 'ultimate team win'
2015-09-13 Okafor: 'We can get so much better'
2015-09-13 Powers in good spirits after win
2015-09-13 Fitzgerald: 'No cruise control' with Arians
2015-09-13 Johnson: Expects to be a 'top defense' this year
2015-09-13 Johnson: 'I got my opportunity and ran with it'
2015-09-13 Post Game Wrap: Saints vs Cardinals
2015-09-14 Arians: Ellington's injury 'hopefully short-term'
2015-09-14 Arians: Finishing games speaks to team's character
2015-09-14 Chris Johnson 'ready' for extended play
2015-09-14 Rashad Johnson: 'Too many mental errors'
2015-09-14 Mathieu 'felt great' with week one performance
2015-09-14 Cards Daily- Victory Monday; Ellington update
2015-09-15 Cheerleader of the Week - Kaileigh
2015-09-15 Arizona Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears Game Preview
2015-09-15 Inside the Numbers - Saints vs. Cardinals
2015-09-15 Cards Daily- Defense stopping the run
2015-09-16 Jay Cutler talks Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu
2015-09-16 John Fox on Carson Palmer, Chris Johnson
2015-09-16 Jared Allen praises the play of Carson Palmer
2015-09-16 Alan Ball on facing Palmer, Fitzgerald
2015-09-16 Antrel Rolle expects 'air show' from Cardinals
2015-09-16 Bruce Arians remembers Chicago Bears interview
2015-09-16 Arians updates status of Ellington, Floyd
2015-09-16 Palmer: 'We can definitely improve'
2015-09-16 Mathieu: 'We want to play solid coverage'
2015-09-16 LaMarr Woodley previews matchup with Forte
2015-09-16 David Johnson reminisces on first career touchdown
2015-09-16 Cards Daily - Eyes on the Bears
2015-09-17 Wired Preview: Carson Palmer vs. New Orleans
2015-09-17 Tyrann Mathieu: Palmer is the best option for us at quarterback
2015-09-17 'NFL Fantasy Live': Next Gen Stats with John Brown
2015-09-17 James Bettcher: Defense looking to stop Forte
2015-09-17 Fitzgerald: 'We have a hungry team'
2015-09-17 Powers on Cutler's arm strength
2015-09-17 Calais Campbell on Bears' offense
2015-09-17 Cards Daily - First road test
2015-09-18 Bruce Arians: 'This is a business trip'
2015-09-18 Carson Palmer's comeback preview
2015-09-18 Cardinals Chronicles - David Johnson
2015-09-18 Ellington: 'I'm getting better each day'
2015-09-18 Peterson: 'Keeping your eyes on your luggage'
2015-09-18 Campbell: 'It's a business trip'
2015-09-18 Carson Palmer's rehab regimen
2015-09-18 Bird's Best Friend - Ted Larsen
2015-09-18 Cards Daily - Off to Chicago
2015-09-19 Wired: Carson Palmer vs Saints
2015-09-20 Cards look to keep rolling, Bears look for first win
2015-09-20 Coming Soon: Cardinals vs. Bears
2015-09-20 Carson Palmer's comeback
2015-09-20 Flight Plan 09/20 - Segment Five
2015-09-20 Flight Plan 09/20 - Segment Four
2015-09-20 Flight 09/20 - Segment Three
2015-09-20 Flight 09/20 - Segment Two
2015-09-20 Flight 09/20 - Segment One
2015-09-20 Highlight: Jaron Brown for a 6-yard touchdown
2015-09-20 Highlight: Fitzgerald for an 8-yard touchdown
2015-09-20 Highlight: Jefferson returns an interception
2015-09-20 Patrick Peterson picks off Clausen
2015-09-20 Highlight: Fitzgerald for a 28-yard touchdown
2015-09-20 Highlight: Fitzgerald for a 20-yard gain
2015-09-20 Highlight: David Johnson rushes for a 13-yard TD
2015-09-20 Highlight: Fitzgerald for a 9-yard touchdown
2015-09-20 Highlights: Arizona Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears
2015-09-20 Bruce Arians reviews the win in Chicago
2015-09-20 Tony Jefferson has big day on son's birthday
2015-09-20 Larry Fitzgerald reviews his big day
2015-09-20 David Johnson: Just trying to help the team win
2015-09-20 Carson Palmer on the win in Chicago
2015-09-20 Jermaine Gresham on protecting Carson
2015-09-20 Jaron Brown breaks down his touchdown
2015-09-20 Week 2: Larry Fitzgerald highlights
2015-09-20 Highlight: David Johnson's 108-yard kickoff return
2015-09-20 Week 2: Cardinals vs. Bears highlights
2015-09-20 Calais Campbell says team could be special
2015-09-20 2 Minute Drill: Cardinals at Bears Recap
2015-09-21 Locker Room Speech: 'Old Man Larry'
2015-09-21 Arians: 'I like how we responded'
2015-09-21 John Brown: 'I've been doing a great job at that'
2015-09-21 Johnson: 'It feels good' to contribute
2015-09-21 Cards Daily- Cardinals Making History
2015-09-22 Carson Palmer joins the Rich Eisen Show
2015-09-22 Week 3 Preview: San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals
2015-09-22 Cheerleader of the Week - Alexandria
2015-09-22 Cards Daily - Palmer better than ever
2015-09-22 Week 2: Pepsi Rookie of the Week nominees
2015-09-23 Inside the Numbers - Windy City Win
2015-09-23 Wired Preview: Sean Weatherspoon at Chicago
2015-09-23 Colin Kaepernick previews Cardinals defense
2015-09-23 Antoine Bethea on Arians' play calling style
2015-09-23 Quinton Dial looks forward to facing Mike Iupati
2015-09-23 McGaughey worried about David Johnson, Peterson
2015-09-23 NFL Play 60 with Cory Redding
2015-09-23 Bruce Arians previews San Francisco's defense
2015-09-23 Palmer: 'These are the games you can't wait for'
2015-09-23 Mathieu: 'We haven't done anything'
2015-09-23 Bucannon: 'I definitely want to be that guy'
2015-09-23 David Johnson discusses his recent honors
2015-09-23 Cards Daily- Arians sends a message
2015-09-23 'Inside the NFL': Cardinals vs. Bears
2015-09-24 Jim Tomsula praises Carson Palmer, David Johnson
2015-09-24 Neighborhood Heroes-Mountain Pointe
2015-09-24 Goodwin: I've never been around this much talent
2015-09-24 Bettcher previews San Francisco's offense
2015-09-24 Massie has 'dealt' with the consequences
2015-09-24 Fitzgerald calls Arians a 'mad scientist'
2015-09-24 Peterson: 'It's going to be a dog fight'
2015-09-24 NFC West Rivalry Week - Bad Blood
2015-09-24 Cards Daily - Ready for Rival
2015-09-25 Wilson Prepares For Memorable Weekend
2015-09-25 Coming Soon: 49ers vs. Cardinals
2015-09-25 Arians: 'Those guys don't have his skill set'
2015-09-25 Cardinals Chronicles - Tony Jefferson
2015-09-25 Wired: Cardinals victory in Chicago
2015-09-25 Cards Daily- Ring of Honor Weekend
2015-09-25 Al Cronometro - Semana Tres
2015-09-26 Zoom: Bettcher on the rise
2015-09-26 Spotlight: Jaron Brown
2015-09-26 Adrian Wilson's Greatest Hits
2015-09-27 Flight Plan 09/27 - Segment Five
2015-09-27 Flight Plan 09/27 - Segment Four
2015-09-27 Flight Plan 09/27 - Segment Three
2015-09-27 Flight Plan 09/27 - Segment Two
2015-09-27 Flight Plan 09/27 - Segment One
2015-09-27 #SFvsAZ Game Teaser
2015-09-27 Highlight: Justin Bethel pick-six
2015-09-27 Highlight: Tyrann Mathieu takes INT to the house
2015-09-27 Highlight: Chris Johnson 6-yard TD run
2015-09-27 Highlight: Chris Johnson breaks off 30-yard run
2015-09-27 Highlight: Chris Johnson 1-yard TD run
2015-09-27 Highlight: John Brown 27-yard catch
2015-09-27 Highlight: Tyrann Mathieu interception
2015-09-27 Highlight: Jerraud Powers interception
2015-09-27 Highlight: Chris Johnson 40-yard run
2015-09-27 Highlight: Palmer finds Fitzgerald for a 4-yard TD
2015-09-27 Cardinals welcome Adrian Wilson into Ring of Honor
2015-09-27 Highlight: Kevin Minter drops Hyde for a safety
2015-09-27 Highlight: Palmer finds Fitzgerald for 8-yard TD
2015-09-27 Week 3: Larry Fitzgerald highlights
2015-09-27 Week 3: Chris Johnson highlights
2015-09-27 49ers vs. Cardinals broadcast highlights
2015-09-27 Week 3: 49ers vs. Cardinals Highlights
2015-09-27 Locker Room Speech: 'Smell a little better'
2015-09-27 Johnson:'This was a very very special performance'
2015-09-27 Johnson: 'I've never played with a team like this'
2015-09-27 2-min Drill: Cardinals vs 49ers Recap
2015-09-27 Bettcher 'excited' to watch game film
2015-09-27 Powers credits defensive line for turnovers
2015-09-27 Mathieu on Defensive Performance
2015-09-27 Arians: 'They smell a little better'
2015-09-27 Palmer: 'It wasn't perfect'
2015-09-27 Adrian Wilson Ring of Honor Ceremony
2015-09-27 Fitzgerald: 'I've never beat them like this'
2015-09-28 Post Game Wrap: Cardinals roll 49ers
2015-09-28 Arians: 'Team ego is bigger than your own'
2015-09-28 Cooper talks o-line and run game success
2015-09-28 Mathieu: 'Biggest thing is staying focused'
2015-09-28 Campbell: 'It shows how good we can be'
2015-09-28 Cards Daily - Back to the grind
2015-09-28 NFL Up!: Tyrann Mathieu
2015-09-29 Cheerleader of the Week - Andrea
2015-09-29 Inside the Numbers - Early Season Dominance
2015-09-29 Adrian Wilson: Cardinals are as talented as '08 Super Bowl team
2015-09-29 St. Louis Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals Preview
2015-09-29 Hispanic Heritage Month: Rolando Cantu and Gabriel Trujillo
2015-09-29 Cards Daily - Sky's the Limit
2015-09-29 Red Sea Report - Harold Goodwin on run game
2015-09-30 Is this the best Carson Palmer has ever played?
2015-09-30 Cardinals cater to breast cancer survivors
2015-09-30 Wired Preview: Patrick Peterson vs. San Francisco
2015-09-30 Nick Foles has a 'great respect' for Cardinals
2015-09-30 Jeff Fisher praises the Cardinals' defense
2015-09-30 Todd Gurley on his first NFL game action
2015-09-30 James Laurinaitis on Palmer, Fitzgerald
2015-09-30 Offensive Coordinator Frank Cignetti on Cardinals
2015-09-30 Arians: Ellington "50-50" for this weekend
2015-09-30 Arians: There "aren't any secrets" with Rams
2015-09-30 Palmer: 'We're confident because we're good'
2015-09-30 Rucker: 'Underachieved men, trying to achieve'
2015-09-30 Johnson on team confidence: 'We know we're good'
2015-09-30 Mathieu: 'We're the most prepared team'
2015-09-30 Cards Daily - Surrounded by Confidence
2015-09-30 Veterans key to Cardinals' hot start