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About that Larry Fitzgerald quote

I was among the reporters sitting around Larry Fitzgerald last week when he did his weekly talk with the media. I was one of the ones asking questions about how hard it was to be mired in a losing streak and, also, if it was harder now than, for example, that eight-game losing streak he and the Cards endured in 2006. Then Fitz said the quote that, apparently, was heard 'round the world.

"This is way worse than before," Fitzgerald said. "I had never won on this level before. I have tasted the caviar now, and eating out of the garbage is not where I want to be."

Now, it was a great turn of the phrase. Fitz can be very good at this. But that, and the other things he said about not being able to escape football and the losses right now, hit the national level when Mike Florio of and NBC grabbed hold of it, and suddenly, everyone assumes Fitz has a foot out the door (Of course, Fitz said the words Thursday and I even tweeted it out that day, and it didn't seem to ripple then, so why the panic three days later?).

My point is context. The "caviar/garbage" line wasn't uttered in anger. It didn't sound like a man fed up. (I wish I had audio/video to post, but alas, I do not). Nothing has changed with Fitz because of this losing streak.

Now, don't get it twisted. I'm not saying Fitzgerald isn't frustrated, or that he isn't concerned about the quarterback situation going forward (not that he has ever admitted that). I'm not saying it's a lock he signs an extension in Arizona. But I am saying, at this point, I still think his signing long-term with the Cards remains the most likely outcome. Fitzgerald was making the point that after winning, losing is much harder to take. It doesn't always have to have a subtext. In this case, I think he was just calling fish eggs fish eggs, and nothing else.


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