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Cardinals Fans,

I couldn't be happier to be a part of another exciting year of Cardinals Football! With 2 NFC West titles and a Super Bowl under our belts, I am confident that this team will only continue to build on its success in the 2010 season.

I am thankful to be in my fourth season as an Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader and have such an amazing group of talented, beautiful and classy women who energize and inspire me to be the best teammate, cheerleader and community member I can be.

This experience has brought some incredible opportunities in my life including traveling with the show team to visit and perform for troops all over the world, but most recently in Iraq! What an incredible way to give back to the people who protect us on a daily basis! I also love working with our Jr. Cheerleaders. The energy and aspiration that these young girls bring to practice and during their big performance make it so much fun and exciting to inspire girls to be anything and everything they hope to be!  

When I'm not cheering, I work as an applications engineer supporting customer designs in the high tech industry. I find it exciting and amazing how and where new technology is being incorporated into our everyday lives. I have a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Arizona State University. I also love to visit with friends and family, try new restaurants, and travel. My next two big travel destinations include Greece and a safari in Africa!

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at games and in the community. Thank you for your energetic support and continued dedication to our team! Without you, we wouldn't be the amazing Arizona Cardinals.



Dear Cardinals Fans,

My name is Tamar and this is my 4th year cheering for the Arizona Cardinals.  I feel so blessed to be part of such and amazing group of girls with a great coach.  We have been practicing hard all summer and every second of sweat was worth it as we stepped onto the field for the first preseason game.  As I stood in line preparing for the National Anthem I was able to gaze around the stadium and really appreciate how lucky I am.  The fans filled the stadium and anticipation rose as the start of the game grew closer and I could feel a buzz of excitement from the fans as well as my teammates.  Being able to cheer on the field for the cardinals and the fans is an experience that I can't really put into words, but I can say that it is a life changing one.  I absolutely love being part of the Cardinals organization and being able to interact with the community and supporters!  

Dancing is only a part of what we do as being a Cardinals Cheerleader. I have been very fortunate to engage in other opportunities with the Arizona Cardinals.  In 2005 I was able to travel to Mexico City for the Cardinals home game against the 49ers.  We were greeted with open arms by everyone there and had a wonderful time!  We were able to visit and perform at many different locations and interact with a variety of different people on the way.  We left with the perfect send off as the Cardinals won the game!  I also have been able to travel to Fort Lewis in Washington and spend time at the Air Force Base.  I was able to meet people who fight for our country and really hear how they live their lives each and every day.  I went aboard a few different aircrafts and learned how they work, saw how they use helicopters to save people and even got to fly a plane all by myself (it was only a computer simulated flight of course!). These are experiences that I will never forget.

Outside of being a cheerleader, I am a Teen Development Specialist at the Boys & Girls Club.  I have the privilege and honor of working with teens, ages 12-18 on a daily basis. It is my goal to really make an impact on these kids' lives and be there for them through whatever they need.  The teens I work with continue to surprise me everyday with how mature and responsible they are and they have truly made an impact on my life.

Thank you loyal Cardinals fans!  This is going to be a fantastic season and I look forward to bringing my best onto the field at each and every game.

Go Cards!

Hi Cardinals fans!

This is my 4th season with the Cardinals and first year as a captain!  I have thoroughly enjoyed growing up here in Arizona!  However, after graduating high school I had the urge to fulfill my dancing bug and ventured off to LA to pursue it!  I was lucky enough to receive one of the 13 scholarships offered that year to study at the EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood.  This was a very exciting yet challenging year for me as I was tested to the max both physically and mentally.  I am extremely fortunate and thankful as this experience in particular has helped me see my true potential as a performer in addition to preparing me for many exciting opportunities I've come to along the way…

Outside of cheering, I maintain a very busy lifestyle including my current career as a Dental clinician, teaching dance and making my transition into the medical field to be a surgical nurse which includes sustaining a very demanding school schedule.  Once season is over, I am looking forward to transferring to San Diego to finish up my nursing program.  Once I graduate, I hope to continue my involvement with our military and look forward in offering my services as a contracted nurse with the ARMY.

Something our fans may not know about me is that I am a huge fan of change, travel and once in a lifetime opportunities!  I live for the moment and thrive on new adventures that allow me to add yet another "life experience" under my belt as I am convinced there are no accidents in this world.  There are so many spectacular avenues I've traveled because of the creative outlet Cardinals has offered me.  I am both grateful and thrilled to take part in yet another fun-filled season with the Arizona Cardinals as we do have some unfinished business to take care of!

Go Cards Go!!!


Hey Cards Fans!

This is my third year as an Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader and I love it more than ever (if that's even possible)! This year I had the honor of being selected as a captain.  We have an amazing team this year and representing each of them at this level is incredible.

Being a captain is an immense responsibility.   It makes me appreciate my captains from prior years as well as my coach tenfold. I've learned priceless information about game day operations within the Cardinals organization.  Everything is a new challenge and new territory to be conquered. Acting as captain has been the best experience I've had with the Cardinals to date!

Hands down, game day is by far the best aspect about being a Cardinals Cheerleader. It's the time when we come together, show the world, (and our amazing 60,000 fans) how much we love our job and our team. The game I look forward to every year is the Breast Cancer Awareness game. We have the opportunity to perform at half-time with incredibly strong women who have survived Breast Cancer.  Nothing can teach you strength like standing next to such empowered women.  

Outside of cheerleading I maintain a full-time job working in Human Resources. I am also a student at Arizona State University. When I'm not cheering, working, or studying you will find me with my best friend and husband, Chris.  His support makes being a Cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals the best job in the world!!!

Go Red Birds!!!!!!!


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