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Joshua Dobbs, Running And Trucking To The End Zone

Quarterback showed he can get physical if the situation calls for it

The Cardinals need Joshua Dobbs to be able to pass the ball for their offense to be effective. That's a given in the NFL. But it was Dobbs' 23-yard touchdown run that garnered a lot of attention both in Sunday's game and Dobbs' meeting with the media this week.

That's what happens when you run over a defensive back at the goal line. But it also underscored that element to Dobbs' game, and also why that element of his game is important to the Cardinals' offense. (When people wonder why the Cardinals were willing to essentially trade in Colt McCoy for Dobbs, that aspect of the game was one of the reasons.)

Early in the game, Dobbs did slide after a run. "But when you get inside the 5-yard line it's hard to turn away wanting to get in the end zone," Dobbs said.

"Once he stayed high you have to initiate (contact). It's simple physics, right? A body in motion stays in motion. Apply more force than the opposite force coming at you."

Dobbs hasn't run much in the NFL, because he hasn't played much. But in his last two years of college at Tennessee, when he was a full-time starter, he had 296 rushing attempts.

There is already speculation on what the Drew Petzing offense will look like with Kyler Murray. Running the quarterback might be part of it, although Dobbs' TD run (and most of his other six rushing attempts) have been pass plays in which he was forced to scramble. Dobbs did have a keeper on a successful two-point conversion in which again, Dobbs played to contact as he went leaping into the end zone.

And given their builds, Dobbs on any designed runs is better suited for contact than Murray, who has shown many times over his career he can run the ball and still protect himself (which is why his non-contact knee injury was so devastating.)

Dobbs, who will start a third straight game for the first time in his career on Sunday, is embracing it all. He was sore after the game, sure, but "I've not been sore for a long time so to be sore feels pretty refreshing."

Giants safety Xavier McKinney didn't have a chance.

"Last year I did have the top 'trucking' (rating) on Madden, so maybe my 'trucking' goes back up to the top QB spot," Dobbs said.

Getting that close to the end zone dictated that he try and score rather than slide. Dobbs acknowledged in that situation you try to score no matter what and get the six points. No reason to give the defense a chance to reset.

But Dobbs, as an engineer a proponent of deep thought, chuckled when yet another question was asked about his mindset -- this time whether he considered ramming Flott with his throwing right arm or non-throwing left arm.

"I feel like you guys are overthinking this," Dobbs said. "It's the simplest thing. There's the end zone. Whatever it takes to get this ball in the end zone in my hands, that's it. Whatever is going to happen from there is going to happen."

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Joshua Dobbs (9) during the Week 2 regular season game between the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants on Sunday, September 17, 2023 in Glendale, AZ.