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Kliff Kingsbury Sees Reason For Walkthrough Wednesdays

The NFL continues to evolve, and that includes -- with a hat tip to Allen Iverson -- practice. Not a game, but practice. The way normal NFL weeks are usually structured, a team plays Sunday, Monday is reserved for video study and meetings (and maybe a walkthrough), Tuesday is a players' day off and then Wednesday is when the teams practice hard for the first time. That continues for Thursday and Friday, before "mock game" work on a Saturday (Again, more of a walkthrough.)

This week, three teams backed off their Wednesday work, citing how banged up their teams are already, just two games into the season. The Packers, Eagles and Colts all announced they would only be walking through their prep. It's an interesting approach this early, in a league that historically tends to value strongly its practice time.

Kliff Kingsbury's team has been fairly healthy this early in the season. But he said he can definitely understand the thought process from those teams.

"You have to have a feel for your team," Kingsbury said. "Last week after playing an overtime game (against the Lions) we backed off quite a bit. I felt like we needed that type of recovery. A lot of teams are heading that way. A lot of really good teams and really good coaches are having success doing it that way. I think everyone is going to start to lean more that way. Wednesday is pretty soon after a very violent and physical game. You've got to make sure those guys are ready to go."

RB Chase Edmonds at practice 2019