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Jackson Tweet, Rodgers Story Underscore Kyler's Place In 2023

QB situation for the Ravens and Jets/Packers overtake owners meetings

Opinions aren't uniform on the subject. This is understood. But the facts are these: Kyler Murray is the Cardinals' quarterback, and will be back in the starting lineup as soon as his rehab allows, and that is always the most important position to settle on any NFL team.

The Cardinals were in the thick of the QB drama last offseason, and it's a sigh of relief to be past it. That was underscored Monday morning at the Arizona Biltmore, where at first Jets coach Robert Saleh sidestepped questions whether his team was going to trade for Aaron Rodgers -- that would be tampering for him to comment -- and then Ravens coach John Harbaugh was blindsided when franchise-tagged QB Lamar Jackson tweeted out at the same time Harbaugh was meeting with the media that Jackson had asked to be traded on March 2.

Now, with the trade request (which predated the Ravens tagging Jackson) nearly a month old, Harbaugh wasn't surprised at Jackson wanting to move on. But to make it public, then, was an interestingly timed move. Harbaugh good-naturedly fielded the questions, noted he didn't see the tweet -- how could he, since he was sitting there talking to media when it come out -- and continued to say what he has been saying, which was optimism Jackson will be a Raven.

"It's going to work itself out," Harbaugh said. "Believe me, if we're playing football next year and Lamar Jackson's the quarterback, we're all going to be happy."

If Jackson is moved, then it's a titanic QB shift for two teams: the Ravens and whichever team he ends up with. The Rodgers thing seems inevitable, although until it does happen that hangs over two teams and it still has a scenario where Rodgers isn't moved until June.

Meanwhile, Kyler Murray continues to rehab (and by all accounts that has gone well) and works to get back to playing. The injury does make it a less-than-perfect spot, but at least it's not the tumult of Jackson and Rodgers.


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