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Larry Fitzgerald knows it's hard to evaluate Josh Rosen yet

Larry Fitzgerald, apparently, was going to play in 2019 all along. That means all along, he thought Josh Rosen would be his quarterback, regardless of the draft conversations that are now afire across the NFL.

Fitzgerald was asked about Rosen at the recent MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, and the future Hall of Fame wide receiver plainly broke down the issues Rosen might've had -- and that judging Rosen based on 2018 is hard to do.

"If you're a quarterback and you can't stay on your feet, it's very difficult to make a throw, let alone to be able to evaluate you," Fitzgerald said via the 'Mina Kimes Show Featuring Lenny' podcast. "We've got to get guys healthy and be able to protect him and we've got to make some plays around him."

Fitz said Rosen is "unique" in his mentality.

"He's extremely confident and not in a bad way," Fitzgerald said. "He's able to forget very quickly a bad play, a bad decision. He's really good at being able to put things behind him. He's a great teammate. Really insightful. Just great to be around. He's somebody who is really trying to learn, always. He's inquisitive about life. And people like that usually find a way to be successful because they put the effort in. He's got some talented guys around him that are going to help continue to make plays for him.

"I think he's going to be just fine."

WR Larry Fitzgerald and QB Josh Rosen celebrate a TD pass in a 2018 home game against the Raiders