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Rehab And The Kyler Murray Part Of The Coaching Equation

Bidwill wants quarterback to rehab in Arizona

Kyler Murray had his ACL surgery last week and by the time he returns to Tempe, there will be a new coach and new GM in place (or at least the process will be far along to that end.)

The quarterback's name came up a couple of times during owner Michael Bidwill's Monday press conference. There was a little straight news out of that. Whereas Kliff Kingsbury when he had been asked about the place where Murray was going to rehab (Dallas or Tempe) said it would be discussed, Bidwill made it clear what his thoughts were when asked if he wants Murray to do his rehab at the Dignity Healthy Training Center.

"Yes," Bidwill said. "I haven't spoken to him but that's what we'd like to see."

That makes sense, of course. Given that Murray is not going to be able to participate on the field for a number of months, you'd still want him bonding with teammates regardless. Now there will be a new coaching staff for Murray to get to know, and a new playbook to digest. That can all be done even if you aren't on the grass.

Bigger picture, there was some surprised when Bidwill said he would talk to Murray as the process goes on to hire the new coach and GM. Some took that to mean Murray would have a say. That wasn't my interpretation. Murray (and other leaders, Bidwill emphasized, guys like Budda Baker and D.J. Humphries, for instance) will be asked for certain input for sure. That has happened in each of the last few coaching hires the Cardinals have done and it's not out of the ordinary.

Murray won't dictate anything. But there is a fine line too between having Murray's respect for a coach and a relationship but also a coach who can push Murray to heights he has not yet achieved.

And in the end, Murray remains the linchpin of what this team is going to be in the foreseeable future, regardless of who is coach.

"(Kyler) is going to recover from this injury and we're going to have a great player come back next year," Bidwill said. "It's important that we don't lose sight of that."

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (1) with trainers during the 2022 regular season game between the Arizona Cardinals and the New England Patriots on Monday, Dec. 12, 2022 in Glendale, AZ.