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Weird Day In Jacksonville, And Jaguars Aftermath

Here's the odd part – for all the games I've watched the Cardinals kind of slog through coming to Florida in the heat, humidity and/or rain – and Sunday's game in Jacksonville was definitely that for a while – that sense that they were buried never really kicked in.

Yes, that Kick-6 could've been a backbreaker. So could of the Kyler Murray I-gotta-make-something-happen-so-I'm-gonna-chuck-up-this-ill-advised-bomb interception. But they never were. You never got the sense the Cards were not the better team. So often guys talk about their own mistakes being the problem and guess what – Sunday they were absolutely right.

You look up when it's over and the Cardinals still had 407 yards and 31 points. The defense gave up 13. It felt like it should've been worse but it wasn't. And a wise man once said to me that good teams end up with wins like these when they have a good season – you have to. (I keep thinking back to the close game in San Francisco in 2015 against a bad 49ers group.)

Look, the Rams game is going to have a lot to say about the direction of this team this season, and how the NFC West might unfold. But the Cards are undefeated going into it, and even won Sunday by double digits, which isn't easy in the NFL. All while D-Hop wasn't really a factor.

Weird day. Weird win.

-- It was interesting that Kliff Kingsbury said he will continue to be aggressive when it comes to long field goals by Matt Prater. I'll be curious to see what that means. Kingsbury chuckled when someone compared it to the way the Alabama-Auburn ended many years ago. It wasn't the same situation, Kingsbury said, and he was right. I don't know if Kingsbury is doing that late in the fourth quarter. It's actually the injury to Justin Pugh that makes the play worse for me rather than the touchdown itself.

-- Yes, I think that kick is good from 66 and maybe 67. Prater is a weapon.

-- If you would've told me the Cardinals would have a game where two wide receivers cracked 100 yards, and never ever would've guessed neither one would've been DeAndre Hopkins. I don't know how much his ribs injury was affecting him, but both Christian Kirk and A.J. Green looked good. The jump ball Green caught for 36 yards with 11 minutes left in the game – the first third-down conversion the Cards had in the game – was the game-clinching play to me.

-- Kirk is making himself some money in his contract year.

-- Jordan Hicks was everywhere. He continues to have a heck of a season after his funky offseason.

-- The Cardinals moved right guard Josh Jones to right tackle and backup right tackle Justin Murray to right guard for this game. It turned out Murray got hurt anyway, and I assume Kelvin Beachum when healthy will be back and tackle and Jones will move back to guard, but it is interesting to watch in Jones' development.

-- Video clips do seem to show that the flag the official threw from behind Rondale Moore on Moore’s muffed catch at the beginning of the game actually hit the ball as it came down. It's a crazy coincidence, but it explains a) why Moore muffed it and b) why he had kind of a strange reaction to it.

-- The Cards need to be better on third downs. They only converted the one to Green, and failed on two third-and-1s early in the game – plays they have to have.

-- Byron Murphy's first interception was a gift, since Jaguars tight end Jacob Hollister couldn't hold on to the ball. But the second was ballhawking, and he really is playing like a No. 1 cornerback.

-- Losing special teams ace Charles Washington to a hamstring could be an issue, and if it was bad enough to be out for the game, you wonder how much time it might cost him.

-- The Jaguars did get to the red zone four times – or three more times than they had gotten there in the first two games combined.

-- Murray, with a 28-for-34 passing day, completed 82.3 percent of his passes, a personal-best since he's been in the league.

-- Rams next week. The foil of Kliff Kingsbury and this franchise, which hasn't beaten the Rams since 2016. But that's for later. Today, a victory flight home. Talk to you later.