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Whether it's need or pure enjoyment, football still fits Fitz

As the season winds down and the Cardinals are left with one game in the season, Larry Fitzgerald (and his future) are again a popular topic. Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich said Thursday he thinks Fitzgerald can play multiple more seasons, given his talent level. It was suggested to Leftwich that Fitzgerald doesn't need to keep playing -- and Leftwich quickly disagreed.

"Yes he does. Kind of," Leftwich said with a smile. "That's why they become this great. He needed to do everything he needed to do. The great ones like this, they are wired different. They're not like you and me. They need it. They need it. It's not something they want to do -- they need to do it. That's what makes those guys great."

Fitzgerald talked again about the things he will miss whenever he is done with the game. The wide receiver isn't going to be tipping his hand about his 2019 plans. But when asked about his "need" to play the game, Fitzgerald wasn't sure he would agree -- although perhaps "need" and "love" for the game are interchangeable for someone of Fitz's stature.

"I've dedicated my life to it," Fitzgerald said. "I started playing tackle football when I was 6 years old on the 8-year-old team. This time of the year this is all I have done. When you dedicate your life to something, put in this much time and effort, I wouldn't say I need it, but I really enjoy it.

"To be able to roll out of bed every day, I don't have to set my alarm clock. My feet hit the ground and I know it's time to go to work. I'm excited about it and I understand this is something I've always wanted to do."

WR Larry Fitzgerald
WR Larry Fitzgerald