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Videos - October 2020

Published On Title
2020-10-01 Power Performer Of The Game - DeAndre Hopkins
2020-10-01 La Línea Ofensiva Mejora Día Con Día
2020-10-01 Peterson: 'We Have Guys That We’re Confident In'
2020-10-01 Fitzgerald: 'This Is A Team Game'
2020-10-01 Joseph: 'We Have To Go Out There And Play Winning Football'
2020-10-01 Game Trailer - Bounce Back
2020-10-01 Team To Team - Facing Carolina
2020-10-02 Mes De La Herencia Hispana: A Través De La Pantalla
2020-10-02 On The Fly With De'Vondre Campbell
2020-10-02 Hicks: 'They're Still Extremely Effective' 
2020-10-02 Work Week - AZ vs CAR
2020-10-02 Wired - Devon Kennard Vs. Lions
2020-10-02 Kingsbury: ‘Game-Time Decision’
2020-10-02 Momento De Hacer Ajustes
2020-10-02 Ejecución Consistente
2020-10-02 Sin Importar La Posición
2020-10-03 Season In Focus - Week Four 
2020-10-03 Game Plan With Kliff Kingsbury - Panthers Week 
2020-10-04 Phillips Bats Down Bridgewater's Pass
2020-10-04 Peterson Picks Off Bridgewater 
2020-10-04 Murray Finds Thomas For 3-Yard Touchdown 
2020-10-04 Murray Connects With Arnold For 25-Yard Pickup
2020-10-04 Murray Finds Kirk For A Touchdown Grab
2020-10-04 Murray Rushes For A Big 48-Yard Gain 
2020-10-04 Full Highlights: Cardinals at Panthers
2020-10-04 Kingsbury: 'We Didn't Play Well Enough In Any Phase'
2020-10-04 Hicks: "It's All About Execution'
2020-10-04 De Regreso A La Zona Roja
2020-10-05 Kingsbury: 'We’re Still A Work In Progress”
2020-10-06 Volver Al Cuarto De Video
2020-10-06 Arnold: 'Need To Focus On Our Identity'
2020-10-06 Allen: 'We Have To Take Accountability' 
2020-10-07 La División Más Peleada De Toda La NFL
2020-10-07 Alcanzando El Máximo Potencial
2020-10-07 Kingsbury: 'We Feel Good About Budda Playing This Week'
2020-10-07 Hopkins: 'We Can Overcome This'
2020-10-07 Murray: 'Got To Be On The Same Accord'
2020-10-07 Washington: 'We Can Overcome This'
2020-10-07 Momento De Ajustar La Máquina
2020-10-08 Game Trailer - New York State Of Mind
2020-10-08 Peterson: 'It’s On Us'
2020-10-08 Joseph: 'We Understand What We Have To Do To Get Better'
2020-10-09 Un Corazón Que Latirá Por Siempre En El Nido
2020-10-09 Murray Siguiendo Los Pasos De Palmer
2020-10-09 Mejorar De Inmediato
2020-10-09 On The Fly With Andy Isabella
2020-10-09 Baker: ‘Everything Went As Planned’
2020-10-09 Humphries: ‘Focus On The Task At Hand’
2020-10-09 Work Week - AZ vs NYJ
2020-10-09 Kingsbury: ‘Good Week Of Preparation’
2020-10-09 Una Chispa De Entusiasmo
2020-10-09 Wired - Kenyan Drake vs Panthers
2020-10-10 Zoom - Kirk's Inner Strength Regimen
2020-10-10 Season In Focus - Week Five
2020-10-10 Cardinals Timeline - 'The First Quarter: Chase Edmonds'
2020-10-11 Murray Shows Quickness On QB Draw
2020-10-11 Edmonds Rushes For A 29-Yard Touchdown
2020-10-11 Cardinals Defense Stops Bell On Fourth Down
2020-10-11 Murray Hits Kirk On Wheel Route For 24 Yards
2020-10-11 Murray Throws 24-Yard Dart To Isabella
2020-10-11 Murray Rushes For 2-Yard Touchdown
2020-10-11 Edmonds Bolts Out Of The Slot For 30-Yard Pickup
2020-10-11 Hopkins Drags Toe To Secure Tough Sideline Catch
2020-10-11 Gonzalez Knocks Through 47-Yard Field Goal
2020-10-11 Murray Drops 45-Yard Dime To Hopkins
2020-10-11 Hopkins Makes Incredible Touchdown Grab Against Jets
2020-10-11 Full Highlights: Cardinals at Jets 
2020-10-11 Kingsbury: 'As A Group We Played Harder'
2020-10-11 Baker: 'It Was Fun To Be Back Out There'
2020-10-11 Victory Speech: 'Let's Get Better'
2020-10-11 Edmonds: 'This Was A Must Win Game'
2020-10-11 Gardeck: 'I Just Try To Play Hard'
2020-10-11 Hopkins: 'We Were More Aggressive This Week'
2020-10-11 Bombazo Hopkins
2020-10-12 Kingsbury: 'We’re Going To Continue To Be Aggressive'
2020-10-13 Morning Scramble - Rise And Shined Players, Week 5
2020-10-13 Doble Amenaza
2020-10-13 Campbell: ‘Football Is A Team Sport’
2020-10-13 Beachum: ‘Our Standard Is High’
2020-10-14 Dominio En La Costa Este
2020-10-14 Kingsbury On Jones: 'It's Not Going To Be Easy' To Replace Him
2020-10-14 Partidos Históricos
2020-10-14 Murray: 'I Obviously Have To Stay Composed'
2020-10-14 Hopkins: 'Offense Has To Step It Up”
2020-10-14 Cole: 'This Game Is Huge For Us'
2020-10-14 Power Performer Of The Game - Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins
2020-10-14 Kyler: Más Inspirado Que Nunca
2020-10-15 Fitzgerald: 'We Really Like Our Gameplan This Week'
2020-10-15 Peterson: 'We’re Going To Have Our Hands Full'
2020-10-15 Joseph: 'It’s Going To Be A Challenge To Stop Those Guys'
2020-10-15 Gardeck: 'Take Advantage Of Whatever Opportunity You Have'
2020-10-15 Team To Team - Facing Dallas
2020-10-16 Game Trailer - Monday Night Lights
2020-10-16 On The Fly With Dennis Gardeck
2020-10-16 Kingsbury: ‘Defenses Are Playing Catch-Up’
2020-10-16 Momento De Hacer Ajustes
2020-10-16 Batalla Enorme
2020-10-16 Murray Invicto
2020-10-17 Season In Focus - Week Six
2020-10-17 Zoom - The Murray Legend
2020-10-17 High School Player And Coach Of The Week - Week Two
2020-10-17 Kingsbury: ‘It Will Be A Group Effort’
2020-10-18 Game Plan With Kliff Kingsbury - Week Six 
2020-10-20 Fitzgerald Stretches For Third-Down Pickup
2020-10-20 Murray Turns QB Draw Into Speedy First Down
2020-10-20 Phillips Recovers Elliott's Fumble
2020-10-20 Murray Sprints Off The Edge To Pick Up First Down
2020-10-20 Kirk Flies Outside For Untouched TD
2020-10-20 Drake Rushes For 1-Yard Touchdown
2020-10-20 Murray Completes 80-Yard Touchdown Pass To Kirk
2020-10-20 Kirkpatrick Intercepts Dalton 
2020-10-20 Murray Rushes For 1-Yard Touchdown
2020-10-20 Baker Dives In To Pick Off Dalton
2020-10-20 Hopkins Makes A Spectacular Catch For 60-Yard Gain
2020-10-20 Murray En Prime Time
2020-10-20 Drake Adds On With 69-Yard Touchdown
2020-10-20 Cardinals' Best Defensive Plays In Week 6 vs. Cowboys
2020-10-20 Kyler Murray's Best Plays From His Three-Touchdown Game In Dallas
2020-10-20 Kenyan Drake's Biggest Plays From His 164-Yard Game In Week 6
2020-10-20 Full Highlights: Cardinals at Cowboys
2020-10-20 Kirk: 'We Prepared All Week For Moments Like This'
2020-10-20 Baker: 'We Showed Out Today'
2020-10-20 Victory Speech: ‘We Like This Moment’
2020-10-20 Murray: 'It Brought Back A Lot Of Memories'
2020-10-20 Kingsbury: 'We Still Have Not Hit Our Stride'
2020-10-20 Morning Scramble - 'That's My Jam' In Week Six
2020-10-21 Dominio En El Monday Night
2020-10-21 Comité De Presión
2020-10-21 Kingsbury: 'We Have A Huge Challenge Ahead'
2020-10-21 Murphy: ‘Learning Every Single Day’
2020-10-21 Drake: ‘It Felt Real Good’
2020-10-21 Murray: Seattle's Defense Has To 'Account For My Legs'
2020-10-21 Ha Llegado Su Momento
2020-10-21 Motivación Extra Ante Seattle
2020-10-21 Power Performer Of The Game - Budda Baker And The Defense
2020-10-22 Reddick: 'I’m Way More Comfortable'
2020-10-22 Team To Team - Facing Seattle
2020-10-23 On The Fly With Budda Baker
2020-10-23 Game Trailer - Rivalry Renewed
2020-10-23 Work Week - AZ vs SEA
2020-10-23 Kingsbury: ‘Part Of The Process’
2020-10-23 Baker: 'The National Stage Is Always Exciting'
2020-10-23 Con La Mira Puesta
2020-10-23 Sunday Night Football
2020-10-24 High School Player And Coach Of The Week - Week Three
2020-10-24 Zoom - 'A Family Affair' 
2020-10-26 Murray Escapes Collapsing Pocket On Third Down
2020-10-26 Hopkins Hauls In 35-Yard Touchdown Pass
2020-10-26 Baker Returns Goal Line Interception 90 Yards
2020-10-26 Hopkins Makes Toe-Tapping Back-Shoulder Grab
2020-10-26 Arnold Picks Up 41 Yards
2020-10-26 Murray Delivers To Kirk For 7-Yard Touchdown
2020-10-26 Fitzgerald Makes 1,400th Career Reception
2020-10-26 Edmonds Slips Through Defenders On 21-Yard Gain
2020-10-26 Murray Fires Laser To Hopkins For 18 Yards
2020-10-26 Murray Dives For The End Zone On 5-Yard TD
2020-10-26 Peterson Intercepts Wilson 
2020-10-26 Murray Connects With Kirk On 8-Yard Touchdown
2020-10-26 Gonzalez Sends Game To Overtime With 44-Yard Field Goal
2020-10-26 Murphy Blitzes and Gets Huge Third-Down Sack
2020-10-26 Edmonds Rushes For 32-Yard Gain
2020-10-26 Simmons Intercepts Wilson To Set Up Game-Winning Field Goal
2020-10-26 Gonzalez Drills 48-Yard Field Goal To Win The Game
2020-10-26 Full Highlights: Seahawks vs. Cardinals
2020-10-26 Baker: 'It's A Great Feeling'
2020-10-26 Kingsbury On Team: 'Those Guys Fight'
2020-10-26 Murray: 'These Are The Games You Dream About'
2020-10-26 En Momento Crítico
2020-10-26 Peterson: 'We Gained Confidence Today'
2020-10-26 Victory Speech: Game Balls All Around
2020-10-26 Kingsbury: 'A Step In The Right Direction'
2020-10-26 Morning Scramble - 'That's My Jam' In Week Seven
2020-10-26 Call Of The Game - Gonzalez Game-Winning Field Goal
2020-10-27 Flight Plan Trailer - 'Raising The Bar'
2020-10-27 Partido Para La Historia
2020-10-27 Reddick: 'We Came Together As A Group'
2020-10-27 Humphries: ‘Focused On The Next Task’
2020-10-28 ¡Un Domingo Alucinante! 
2020-10-28 Quick Slant - Double Trouble
2020-10-28 Joseph: 'We’ve Got Great Depth At All Of Our Positions'
2020-10-29 Flight Plan Trailer 2.0 - 'Raising The Bar'
2020-10-29 Merecida Semana De Descanso
2020-10-29 Budda Baker's NFC Defensive Player of the Month Highlights
2020-10-29 Power Performer Of The Game - Kyler Murray
2020-10-30 Flight Plan Trailer 3.0 - 'Raising The Bar'
2020-10-30 A Seguir Trabajando Fuerte
2020-10-30 BYE Week Merecido
2020-10-31 Flight Plan Trailer 4.0 - 'Raising The Bar'