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Videos - January 2022

Published On Title
2022-01-01 Game Plan With Kliff Kingsbury - Cowboys Week
2022-01-01 Game Trailer: Week 17 At Cowboys
2022-01-02 Dortch Takes End Around For 24 Yards
2022-01-02 Green Goes By Diggs On Stop & Go For Huge Gain
2022-01-02 Chase Edmonds Puts Dallas Defender On Skates
2022-01-02 Murray Scrambles And Finds Wesley For Fourth-Down TD
2022-01-02 Murray Scrambles And Finds Edmonds For First Down
2022-01-02 The Best Plays From Darrel Williams From A Two-TD Game In Week 17
2022-01-02 Murray Connects With Kirk On Deep Ball
2022-01-02 Wesley Climbs The Ladder For Second Score
2022-01-03 Simmons Forces Fumble After Relentless Pursuit
2022-01-03 HIGHLIGHTS: Kyler Murray's Best Plays vs. Cowboys
2022-01-03 HIGHLIGHTS: Cardinals' Top Plays vs. Cowboys Week 17
2022-01-03 Victory Speech: 'We Get Hot Rolling Into The Playoffs'
2022-01-03 Kingsbury: ‘We Knew We Had To Step Up’
2022-01-03 Simmons: ‘A Good Team Win’
2022-01-03 Baker: 'We Control What We Can Control'
2022-01-03 Wesley: ‘Great Team Win For Us’
2022-01-03 Murray: 'That Was A Playoff Football Game'
2022-01-03 Zach Allen Postgame Interview: Week 17 vs Cowboys
2022-01-03 60 In Six: Week 17 vs. Cowboys
2022-01-03 Next Gen Stats: Kyler Murray's 3 Most Improbable Completions Against Cowboys
2022-01-03 Decisive Moments From The Cowboys Game
2022-01-03 Kingsbury: 'He’s Kind Of The Glue'
2022-01-04 Jones: 'Important To Finish The Season Strong'
2022-01-04 Theragun: Training Days - Episode 5
2022-01-05 Murray: ‘A Huge Milestone’
2022-01-05 Allen: ‘Definitely A Big Boost’
2022-01-05 Sideline Exchange: Kelvin Beachum
2022-01-06 Joseph: 'Keeping Points To a Minimum'
2022-01-06 Peters: 'Always Prepared For A Fight'
2022-01-06 Pugh: 'It’s Great To Be At Home'
2022-01-06 Team To Team: Seahawks Week
2022-01-06 Game Trailer: Week 18 vs. Seahawks
2022-01-07 Hudson: 'The More Time We Have Together The Better'
2022-01-07 Thompson: 'That Would Be Huge For Us'
2022-01-08 Game Plan With Kliff Kingsbury - Seahawks Week
2022-01-09 Big Man Touchdown! Allen Takes It To The House
2022-01-09 Murray Threads The Needle To Kirk
2022-01-09 Conner Sheds Two Defenders, Dives Into End Zone For Six
2022-01-09 Thompson Inches From Returning Interception For Score
2022-01-09 Conner Lowers The Shoulder For Second Score
2022-01-10 Thompson: 'We Didn't Do Our Job'
2022-01-10 Allen: 'It's Always Going To Be A Tough Fight'
2022-01-10 60 In Six: Week 18 vs Seahawks
2022-01-10 Murray: 'Nothing In The Past Matters'
2022-01-10 HIGHLIGHTS: Cardinals' Top Plays Week vs. Seahawks
2022-01-10 Playoff Moments - Desert Playoff Drought Over
2022-01-10 Decisive Moments From The Seahawks Game
2022-01-11 Playoff Push: Cardinals-Rams Storylines
2022-01-12 Kingsbury: 'We Have A Capable Group, That Is No Doubt'
2022-01-12 Playoff Moments - Hail Larry Answers Prayers
2022-01-12 Kirk: 'I Am Ready To Get Out There And Play On A Big Stage'
2022-01-12 Watt: ‘Obviously Excited’
2022-01-12 Playoff Push - Inside The Numbers Of Cardinals-Rams
2022-01-13 Deep Dive - Cardinals Defense Vs. Rams Offense
2022-01-13 Playoff Moments - Coming Out Swinging
2022-01-13 Kingsbury: 'Everyone Is Continuing To Evolve'
2022-01-13 Hicks: 'It’s Do Or Die'
2022-01-13 Murray: 'There’s No Shying Away From It'
2022-01-13 Edmonds: 'Number 2 Will Be Suited Up'
2022-01-13 Playoff Push - The Quarterback Matchup
2022-01-13 Game Trailer: Wild Card vs. Rams
2022-01-14 Sideline Exchange Chandler Jones
2022-01-14 Cardinals In Focus - Wild Card Playoffs
2022-01-14 Ertz: 'It's Football And We Have To Find A Way To Win'
2022-01-14 Baker: 'We Are Taking It One Day At A Time'
2022-01-14 Playoff Moments - Money Mike And The Dirty Bird Soar In OT
2022-01-14 Joseph: 'Relax And Play Good Football'
2022-01-14 Playoff Push - The Coaching Matchup
2022-01-15 Game Plan With Kliff Kingsbury - Playoffs Rams Week
2022-01-15 Deep Dive - The Games Within The Game
2022-01-15 Kingsbury: 'A Boost For Everyone'
2022-01-15 Golden: 'This Is A Big Opportunity'
2022-01-15 Beachum: 'Control What You Can Control'
2022-01-15 Playoff Push - Talking With J.J. Watt
2022-01-16 Theragun: Training Days - Episode 6
2022-01-17 Game Trailer: Wild Card vs. Rams
2022-01-18 Golden Sacks Stafford With Assist From Secondary
2022-01-18 J.J. Watt Marks Return With Run-Stuffing TFL
2022-01-18 Vallejo Meets Akers In The Backfield
2022-01-18 Moore Steals Ball Out Of Defenders Hands After Deflection
2022-01-18 Murray Uses His Legs To Convert On Fourth Down
2022-01-18 Kyler Murray Makes 23-yard Connection To Christian Kirk
2022-01-18 Conner Finds A Crease To Put Cardinals On The Board
2022-01-18 Antoine Wesley Secures Kyler Murray's Two-Point Throw
2022-01-18 Kingsbury: ‘Come Back Stronger From It’
2022-01-18 Kirk: ‘It’s Tough’
2022-01-18 60 In Six: Wild Card vs. Rams
2022-01-18 Watt: ‘Got Away From Us’
2022-01-18 Murray: ‘I Put A Lot On Myself’
2022-01-18 Allen: ‘I Took Some Steps’
2022-01-18 Humphries: ‘Gotta Finish Strong’
2022-01-18 Wesley: ‘Big Step For Next Year’
2022-01-18 Ertz: ‘Gotta Finish Strong’
2022-01-18 Hicks: ‘Adversity Strikes On Every Team’
2022-01-18 Kingsbury: ‘It’s An Ongoing Process’
2022-01-21 DeAndre Hopkins' Top Plays In 2021
2022-01-24 Next Gen Stats: Kyler Murray's 5 Most Improbable Completions In 2021
2022-01-31 The Top Offensive Plays Of The 2021 Season