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Admiring Certain Catches Of D-Hop, Fitz One Hand At A Time

The receptions that can't really be practiced

A great player making a great play. That's how Larry Fitzgerald talked about DeAndre Hopkins´╗┐' one-handed touchdown catch in New York this past weekend. Not surprisingly, Fitz didn't go into much detail about his own amazing one-handed grab during the game.

A one-handed grab goes beyond an amazing highlight for social media. The amount of times both Hopkins and Fitz have made such a play in their careers would be tough to count (I still remember Fitz diving to haul in an errant John Skelton bullet during a home game against the Seahawks in overtime to close out the 2011 season that remains one of the greatest grabs I've ever seen.)

Hopkins was introspective when he was asked about re-watching a play like he made against the Jets.

"I want to keep doing it so I can keep looking at my own catches and not somebody else's," Hopkins said with a chuckle. "Sometimes I look at it and you know, 'Man that was me who just did that, but it's my preparation and how I prepare and the little things I do to make a catch liket that.

"Sometimes I awe myself, I'm not gonna lie."

That last bit is not a line I imagine Fitz ever saying.

The one Fitz made in New York was underrated -- that he even got a hand on the ball to bring it in and then essentially switched hands to secure the catch without the ball ever being grabbed by two hands at the same time was pretty special. But yeah, Fitz said he never really thinks about such plays.

"You don't set out to make those kind of catches," Fitzgerald said. "It just happens. If that guy wasn't holding D-Hop in the end zone he'd have put two (hands) on it. It's just so reactionary. You hope you can make those plays at a proficient rate. But you never really practice it, so to speak.

"He did a great job of being able to position himself to make that catch. I was right there, saw the whole thing happen. The way he was able to control his body and take a hellacious shot from the safety on top of catching it with one hand, it was spectacular."