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Cardinals Understanding Life Filled With 'Hard Knocks'

First episode premieres Nov. 9 after Seahawks game

Kliff Kingsbury was clear. He doesn't think he'll be watching any of the Hard Knocks In Season episodes that begin next week featuring his team.

And it's not just because the Cardinals coach figures he'll already have lived everything.

"I hate watching myself do anything, so I won't watch it, but I am excited for fans to see the type of people we have," Kingsbury said. "I know they do some behind the scenes with families and origin stories and things like that. We have some great stories on our team."

The cameras have been around for weeks, but it's all ramping up now. The first episode debuts Nov. 9, based around this week's Seahawks game and the prep going into it.

Kyler Murray called the experience "fun" and that the cameras hadn't bothered him. It was funny on Wednesday when the AP's David Brandt asked Murray -- having been in the spotlight most of his life -- felt he had changed with cameras around. As Brandt asked the question, an NFL Films cameraman was just off Brandt's shoulder, chronicling Kyler talking about that very thing.

"I wouldn't say it changes you," Murray said. "I just think you've just got to know when you can say stuff. You've just got to be smart. Somebody's always watching. You never really want to give anybody anything bad to say about you. It's nothing new for me. It's kind of how I was raised. Treat people how you want to be treated."

Murray said he was mic'd up on Wednesday, I'm sure the first of many. He was unsure if he was going to watch the episodes himself.

Kingsbury was willing to say he thinks it's good to have the cameras behind the scenes, so fans can see what goes into the process.

"I think they understand just how serious it is and how intense it can be -- the Xs and Os.," Kingsbury said. "Week in and week out, there's a lot that goes into this and for them to be able to see that perspective in how much players put into it, the coaches put into it and why those games are so built up each and every week—I think that's important."

Kingsbury also said that not only has he not really noticed the cameras, sometimes he wish he did more often.

"They do a great job of kind of laying in the shadows and you don't notice it much -- almost to a fault," Kingsbury said. "You'll say some things that maybe could get you canceled and have to kind of give them the 'OK, that's out' "

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Greg Dortch (83) during practice at the Dignity Health Sports Complex on Thursday, October 27, 2022 in Tempe, AZ.