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Kyler Murray's Fuel? To Be The Best. Ever.

Kyler Murray was talking about what people had said what he couldn't do once upon a time when his stature (i.e. how short he is) came up. Murray insisted such talk doesn't impact him, and then it was asked if it fueled him as a player. Nah, he said. Then what exactly does fuel you?

The Cardinals QB took a second to ponder it.

"What fuels me?" he said. "I would like to be the best to ever play the game."

It was on par with Murray's training camp comment, when he was asked about his favorite part of playing football, and Murray bluntly answered "winning." Wednesday, he didn't say he was the best or he'd be the best -- it was framed with the knowledge that he has work to do. But it's the kind of mindset you're hoping your rookie quarterback has -- and when it comes across as genuine, as in this case, all the better.

Murray knows he's not there. He was asked about watching the video of the Lions opener. "I want to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but it felt pretty bad," Murray said. "It's just something you learn from, got to start faster."

But that comeback meant something too, something coach Kliff Kingsbury let his QB know as the tie game was ending Sunday.

Along those lines, I liked the way Murray responded when he was asked if his late performance was winning over the locker room.

"I really don't know," he said. "I just come here every day ready to work, try and work hard every day and get better each and every day. I'm not really trying to, I guess, win the guys over. That's who I am. I just play hard no matter the circumstance, and that's what that was this past weekend. That's what I do. I'll never quit no matter if we're down 40 or whatever."

Do that enough, and whether you become the best ever ... I mean, maybe, maybe not. But you'll be a pretty good NFL quarterback.

QB Kyler Murray in the pocket during Lions game in 2019