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Larry Fitzgerald's future? Nothing's changed

There has been a lot of chatter about Larry Fitzgerald the last couple of days. He's undecided? Well, yeah. None of it is new. None of it is anything but what Fitz was saying the last couple weeks of the season. None of it is different than he says every year. I get that when he's available for interviews this time of year, you have to ask the questions. That doesn't mean it generates any news.

Obviously people want to know what Fitz is going to do. But he said he was going to take his time -- team president Michael Bidwill has said a couple of times, when asked, that he's going to give Fitz his space (just like every year) -- and eventually he'll let everyone know.

"I will sit down and talk with Mr. Bidwill and we'll figure out what happens from there," said Fitzgerald in an interview with Sirius XM NFL radio.

That conversation would have to happen simply because Fitzgerald doesn't have a contract. I would think Fitz the businessman is going to want to know what amount he'd be playing for if he did play. He hasn't piled up $160 million or whatever from the Cardinals in his career without knowing that.

And no, he's not playing anywhere else. That's been crystal clear for a number of years now, despite speculation otherwise. "I'm a loyal cat," Fitzgerald said.

Two things that I think at this point on Fitz: I do not think the coach really is that high on the list of reasons he would play or not play. It's good that Kliff Kingsbury is in place, but I never thought it would be a major factor, just like I didn't think it was last year with Steve Wilks. My gut as this season has gone on (and ended) is actually that Fitz's chances of returning is more likely. I didn't think that early in the year. But again, I don't know what Fitz is thinking.

At some point, Fitzgerald will let everyone know. Maybe it'll be through the new coach, like he did last year with Wilks making the announcement. Maybe it'll be through the team. Maybe it'll be through Twitter. But if there is one thing you can be sure of with Fitz -- until he says one way or the other, he won't leave any hints.

WR Larry Fitzgerald runs down the field after the catch in a 2018 home game against the Rams