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Fitz, Boston, a practice pick and getting philosophical 

What is said in the locker room stays in the locker room, unless, of course, Larry Fitzgerald and Tre Boston decide to wander into the middle of a large media scrum prior to Fitzgerald's weekly press conference and continue their conversation. That happened Thursday, when the subject of God was being discussed -- animatedly -- as Fitz (and Boston) arrived, with Boston noting that "God was a servant, and Larry was a servant as well." It didn't take long for everyone to wonder what was going on.

The backstory, as Fitzgerald explained: Patrick Peterson called for the ball on an errant pass near the end of practice, only Boston -- in the words of Fitz -- "stole his pick from him."

"We're talking about being selfless," Fitzgerald said. "Tre did not display that today. I hope he teaches his son to be much better than that."

"First of all, it was late," Boston said. "I heard 'I got it' late. (The ball) was fluttering around, no one could get to it. If the ball is in the air it's mine, technically. So when I heard the late 'I got it' call, (Peterson) was five yards behind me ..."

Fitzgerald interjected. "So you made a selfish decision."

"It was the best decision for the team, because we need to come down with the interception," Boston answered.

Fitzgerald then decided to crowdsource. "If Tre gets the pick or Pat gets the pick, who do you want to have the ball in their hands for a pick-6?" Fitzgerald said with a big smile. To this, Boston knew he wouldn't win.

"Let me catch it. I'll pitch it back," Boston said, to laughs all around.

But wait, a chat about a practice interception can expand to include religion?

"We get real philosophical in here," Fitzgerald said. "You'd be surprised at the conversations you have at 2-and-6."

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