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Larry Fitzgerald Worries About Player Health With 18-Game Talk

Larry Fitzgerald has arrived in his 16th season and yet another training camp, a time of year that hasn't always been his favorite.

"I work really hard on cultivating indifference," Fitzgerald said, and perhaps deadpan jokes are a good way to manage the grind.

(Although the way Fitzgerald looked in the first practice Thursday, he not only has a nice rapport going with Kyler Murray, Fitz also is playing younger than his soon-to-be 36 years might suggest.)

Fitzgerald may or may not be playing in the NFL when the new collective bargaining agreement -- set to expire after the 2020 season -- kicks in, and discussions are ongoing to how the new CBA might look. One popular topic that has surfaced is the 18-game season, as in, two preseason games, 18 regular-season games.

There is a lot to unpack with such a notion, with the suggestion players might play a maximum of 16 games to help overall health (although that seems fraught with pitfalls; forget about the idea of benching your QB1 for two games, imagine having your QB1 playing behind LT2 when your LT1 is perfectly healthy.) Fitzgerald was asked about the idea of 18 games. For him, it's all about injuries.

"You look at the rosters, 15 or 20 percent of the guys end up on IR by the end of the 16-game season," Fitzgerald said. "It's a battle of attrition. As fans, they want to see a good product, right? I think a 16-game season allows for enough of your marquee players to be able to stay on the field and be able to have a show people really want to pay for and watch. Adding two more games, would it increase revenue? Absolutely. Would it increase the possibility for international games? For sure. But the game is played by players and you need players on the field, and they need to be healthy."

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