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Pop Quizzes Over: Cardinals Wrap Up Offseason Work Early

The Cardinals are done with their offseason work. That was confirmed by tackle D.J. Humphries Monday morning, in part when he raised his arms in triumph after the subject was broached.

Normally, the Cards would have had their "media day" Monday, when players came in to take physicals prior to mandatory minicamp and certain players dressed up in full uniform to take pictures and do videos that could be used during the season for things like in-stadium features and the intros for ESPN on "Monday Night Football." The minicamp work would have been Tuesday through Thursday.

But on-field work or at-the-facility work is out because if the coronavirus, so Kliff Kingsbury pulled the plug a few days early.

Humphries was OK with that. Kingsbury had already noted that, without on-field access or reps, the coaches were running out of things to do. Humphries said as a player, that on-field work not only broke up the monotony of the day, but even created better pace for the meetings themselves.

"When you are not watching yourself (on practice video) every day, it's kind of a buffer for the rest of the stuff," Humphries said. "Stuff we went over during in the virtual meetings, they would have (normally) had to filter that in with our film, with us practicing. When you don't have that footage of two hours every day, there are a lot of quizzes. For a player there are a lot more pop quizzes and tests."

Humphries even joked that online quizzes were actually harder to take than when it is done in-person.

"Boy is it hard to cheat when you have the (Zoom) camera on your face," Humphries said with a grin. "It's hard to cheat on your paper when the coach asks you a question and you're like, 'Yeah, coach, it's, uhhh, uhhhh,' and he's like, 'Can you look at the camera please?' "

Offensive linemen J.R. Sweezy (64), D.J. Humphries (74) and Justin Pugh (67).
Offensive linemen J.R. Sweezy (64), D.J. Humphries (74) and Justin Pugh (67).