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Rondale Moore Messed Up When Penalty Flag Hits Punt, And 'It Looked Like The Twilight Zone'

Kliff Kingsbury knows it would have been 'unfair' if ball had been lost

Kliff Kingsbury said he's never seen anything like it before. But really, who could've? I mean, an official throwing a flag on a play that happens to hit the football just as it was coming down into the hands of Cardinals rookie Rondale Moore, knocking it just enough to cause a muff?

Kingsbury said Monday that Moore didn't say anything at the time, although you can tell by Moore's reaction on the play that something wasn't right.

"He's hard on himself and I don't even know if he knew what had happened," Kingsbury said. "It looked like the Twilight Zone, where he had it and all of a sudden he didn't have it. I didn't know it had occurred. but you would think that maybe we could adjust that rule. It seems quite unfair we would lose the ball if the ref happened to hit it. I think the ref should probably be ejected at that point."

Kingsbury's deadpan response aside, it would have been a terrible turn of events. And it was amazing the Cardinals didn't lose the ball. When the ball first hits the turf -- Moore had waved for a fair catch -- there seemed to be any number of Jaguars there to grab the ball. Cardinals cornerback Antonio Hamilton managed to jump on it.

Is it something Kingsbury will talk to the league about? Well, the coach acknowledged it probably isn't worth it (although making sure the official isn't throwing the flag into Moore's line of sight in the first place might help.)

"Considering it's probably the first time it's happened in the history of the league, I don't know if they'll really put it up at the owner's meetings rules proposals," Kingsbury said, "but I would be all for it."