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Streaming To A New Sunday Ticket, And The Salary Cap Ramifications

YouTube will now have the NFL package as league works to set 2023 spending limit

The NFL announced on Thursday the move of their Sunday Ticket package -- the one that allows fans to watch any NFL game in the league every week -- from DirecTV to This is a significant development in itself, of course, especially with the idea it would be able to be purchased as a stand-alone a la carte channel, rather than having to purchase YouTube TV. That was always the thing with DirecTV; to have Sunday Ticket you had to had DirecTV and then buy Sunday Ticket.

The price is a mere $2 billion a season for YouTube to the NFL, a staggering amount (until you see that Google, the owner of YouTube, makes $2 billion in revenue every three days.)

But the other part of the Sunday Ticket deal being settled is that it moves the NFL closer to setting the 2023 salary cap, which has usually been estimated by now. That impacts teams, obviously, and the Cardinals, who have a ton of free agents, will be paying attention.

Right now, the Cardinals are down to about $2.5 million in cap space, according to the NFLPA. That's not much, especially since every time there is a roster move/guy placed on IR, that number again shrinks. The 2022 salary cap was $208.2 million. The guesstimates have next year's cap potentially being $220 million or so, but again, that is TBD.

There is much work to be done by VPs Quentin Harris and Adrian Wilson in the short-term -- or whomever is running the show come the offseason -- and knowing the cap will be mighty helpful. With free agents like Zach Allen, Byron Murphy and J.J. Watt, among others, this was already going to be an eventful few months as it was.

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Isaiah Simmons (9) and Arizona Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt (99) during the 2022 regular season game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022 in Minneapolis, MN.

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