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Fighting At Camp? Jonathan Gannon Does Not Approve

Coach makes clear he doesn't want players scuffling

As training camp gets underway -- especially with a first-year head coach -- there is one question that inevitably surfaces. And that would be, of course, what are that coach's feelings on training camp fights?

They are going to happen. You get guys playing a physical game and getting tired and hitting each other repeatedly -- many trying hard to carve out their place in the NFL -- and things get heated. Last year, rookie guard Marquis Hayes seemed to get into something every other day. Once, Will Hernandez knocked an unsuspecting J.J. Watt to the ground behind the play, and Watt was ticked -- jumping up and going straight at Hernandez, attempting to knock him back except Hernandez didn't move, the human equivalent to a brick wall.

But I digress.

Jonathan Gannon was asked about his policy on training camp fights, and was blunt. "It's a non-negotiable," Gannon said. "And why it's a non-negotiable is because you get thrown out in a game for it."

Even a scuffle in a game could mean a 15-yard penalty, which no team needs. It's why Bruce Arians was so anti-fighting when he was coaching the Cardinals, to the point where he got so fed up with some of the battles he was seeing he once canceled the end of practice. No one wants to see an injury either -- like Leonard Davis got punching Kyle Vanden Bosch in Flagstaff in what seems like a lifetime ago.

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Jonathan Gannon during 2023 Cardinals Training Camp at State Farm Stadium on Wednesday, July 26, 2023 in Glendale, AZ.

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