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It Only Makes Sense The Passtronaut Wants To Go To Space

QB Joshua Dobbs, an aerospace engineer, has it on the bucket list

Joshua Dobbs is an aerospace engineer. He wants to become a pilot. He's got cool nicknames like "Astro Dobbs" and the "Passtronaut."

And yes, he wants to go to space someday.

"Go to space and come back," Dobbs clarified on the newest episode of "The Dave Pasch Podcast."

"A lot of people are like, 'Go to space, go to the moon, go to Mars,'" Dobbs said. "Obviously we haven't sent people to Mars yet.

"It's really cool to see the amount of commercial opportunities to go to space and the amount of people that have the opportunities to become astronauts. It's on my bucket list. Obviously that's a huge decision to make but it would be cool."

Maybe Dobbs can take a road trip to the cosmos with Larry Fitzgerald, who once told me he would like to go to space someday.

The Passtronaut is a recent moniker. Astro and Astro Dobbs have been something he's been called for a while -- he even has merch -- the Passtronaut moniker "has begun to gain some steam."

"We need to do something fun around it," Dobbs said.

Joshua Dobbs and his Astro Dobbs hat (and is NASA notebook).
Joshua Dobbs and his Astro Dobbs hat (and is NASA notebook).