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Josh Rosen had a run in him, but another? Maybe not

Josh Rosen escaped the pocket, and the Packers didn't close at the right angles, and the rookie quarterback just kept going.

Of course, it was probably longer than Rosen expected it to be. It certainly looked longer than his body expected it to be, with Rosen getting off-balance at the end of his 33-yard scamper, losing the ball -- luckily, out of bounds -- on a fumble as he did a face plant into the turf.

"It was entertaining," coach Steve Wilks said. "I think he's athletic, and he was able to avoid the rush quite a bit (Sunday), stepping up and getting outside the pocket. On that one, I was excited he got the first down, and then all of the sudden he just kept going and going. (Offensive coordinator) Byron (Leftwich) was yelling in the headset, 'Get down! Get down! Get down!'

"It's just who (Josh) is as a person, very competitive, but we don't want him running. Not at all."

No, it wasn't exactly Russell Wilson-esque, although Wilks was right, Rosen did move in the pocket well and it was enough for a win. Even on a play in which he didn't actually run it was Rosen's athleticism that bought time. Right, Fitz?

It was the longest run by a Cardinals quarterback since Jake Plummer raced 34 yards up the middle for a touchdown in San Francisco in 2002. Since that Plummer run, there have only been two runs from Cardinals' QBs of at least 20 yards -- Matt Leinart had a 20-yard scramble in 2007, and Kevin Kolb ran 22 yards in 2012 -- but mostly, the Cardinals have definitely not been about the mobile quarterback. (Kurt Warner had a 13-yard run in 2005. I absolutely cannot picture that, and I had to have seen it. No offense, Kurt.)

Rosen isn't going to be grouped with Wilson or Carson Wentz or Josh Allen or (certainly not) Lamar Jackson. But he can move around.It just might not be 33 yards at a time.

"I was so close to getting that credibility, and it just fell out of my arms like the ball," Rosen said with a smile.