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Videos - September 2020

Published On Title
2020-09-01 Kingsbury: 'This Will Be A Big Week' 
2020-09-01 Murray: 'I Trust The Work I've Put In'
2020-09-01 Sweezy: 'We Are Going To Be Dynamic'
2020-09-02 Fight To The Finish
2020-09-02 Unfiltered - Defensive Line
2020-09-02 Joseph: 'It's Made Us A Better Defense'
2020-09-02 Hicks On Defense: 'I Love Where We're At'
2020-09-02 Camp Credentials - Defensive Backs
2020-09-02 Sherfield: 'It Won't Be Easy To Get Rid Of Me'
2020-09-02 Gardeck: 'Awesome To See The Improvements We've Made'
2020-09-03 Getting Closer
2020-09-03 Unfiltered - Linebackers
2020-09-03 Kingsbury: 'We Like Where We’re At Roster Wise'
2020-09-03 Kirk: 'We’re Putting All The Pieces Together'
2020-09-03 Kennard: 'I’m Excited To Go'
2020-09-03 Camp Closes
2020-09-04 Trayectoria: Cardenales- Murray Más Preparado Que Nunca
2020-09-07 Benjamin: 'I Got To Earn Their Trust'
2020-09-07 Drake: 'Going To Hit The Ground Running'
2020-09-07 Baker: 'I Woke Up Excited, It's Game Week'
2020-09-08 Flight Plan Season 3 Episode 5 - 'Virtual Reality'
2020-09-08 Hopkins: 'I Wanted The Cardinals As Much As They Wanted Me'
2020-09-08 Hopkins Inks Contract Extension
2020-09-09 Trayectoria: Cardenales- El Mañana No Existe
2020-09-09 Kingsbury: 'We Know The Type Of Challenge We Have'
2020-09-09 Murray: 'Thankful For The Opportunity To Lead These Guys'
2020-09-09 Gardeck: 'It Means A Lot To Me'
2020-09-10 Peterson: 'Extremely Focused On The Future'
2020-09-10 Fitzgerald: 'We Look Sharp Right Now'
2020-09-10 Joseph: 'You Have To Have A Plan'
2020-09-11 Jones: 'This Sunday Is Really Happening'
2020-09-11 Humphries: 'I Love Getting Started With Conference Play'
2020-09-11 Kingsbury: 'We Feel Good Going Into It'
2020-09-11 Cardenales Más Fuertes Que Nunca
2020-09-11 Game Trailer - Football Is Back
2020-09-11 Work Week - AZ vs SF
2020-09-12 Todo Listo Para El Inicio De Temporada
2020-09-12 Inicio De La Temporada
2020-09-13 Cardinals Fly Through For Critical Blocked Punt
2020-09-13 Murray With A 10-yard Touchdown Pass To Edmonds
2020-09-13 Blackson Swims Through The Line To Sack Garoppolo
2020-09-13 Hopkins Spins And Picks Up 12 Yards
2020-09-13 Hopkins Toe Taps On The Sideline For 15 Yards
2020-09-13 41-Yard Return By Edmonds Gives Cardinals Good Field Position
2020-09-13 Gonzalez Drills Career-Long 56-yard Field Goal
2020-09-13 Murray Moves The Chains With 25-Yard Scramble
2020-09-13 Murray Scrambles For 22-Yard Touchdown
2020-09-13 Hopkins Races To The Goal Line For 34 Yards
2020-09-13 Murphy Breaks Up Pass Attempt To Ice The Game
2020-09-14 Every Catch From DeAndre Hopkins' Cardinals Debut
2020-09-14 Full Highlights: Cardinals at 49ers
2020-09-14 Kingsbury: ‘Poured Their Hearts Out’
2020-09-14 Victory Speech - 'It's One Day At A Time'
2020-09-14 Murray: ‘A Different Dynamic To The Team’
2020-09-14 Baker: ‘Feels Great’
2020-09-14 Peters: ‘Great Launching Pad’ 
2020-09-14 Kingsbury: 'They Battled Their Tails Off'
2020-09-15 Reddick: 'Focused On Doing Good'
2020-09-15 El Proceso Ya Empezó A Dar Frutos
2020-09-15 Hopkins: 'I Think I Can Have An Amazing Season'
2020-09-15 Call Of The Game - Blocked Punt Sets Up Edmonds Touchdown
2020-09-15 Pugh: 'I’m Looking Forward To The Challenge'
2020-09-15 Game Recap: Sounds From The Stadium
2020-09-16 Kingsbury: 'We Definitely Know We Have A Tough Opponent'
2020-09-16 Debut Soñado
2020-09-16 Murray: 'There's No Hangover'
2020-09-16 Edmonds: 'Can’t Get Too High Or Too Low'
2020-09-16 Campbell: 'We Have To Hone In On Our Keys' 
2020-09-17 Kingsbury El Mágico
2020-09-17 Fitzgerald: 'We Have To Adjust' With No Fans 
2020-09-17 Peterson: 'We Want To Make It As Tough As Possible' For Haskins
2020-09-17 Gaillard: 'I Learned A Lot'
2020-09-17 Joseph: 'We’re Not There Yet'
2020-09-17 No Lanzar Campanas Al Vuelo
2020-09-17 Team To Team - Facing Washington
2020-09-18 Jones- 'We Definitely Played Together More'
2020-09-18 Cardenales Debutan En Casa
2020-09-18 Kingsbury: 'We Appreciate Them'
2020-09-18 Game Trailer - Home Sweet Home
2020-09-18 Evitar Los Errores Mentales
2020-09-20 Wish You Were Here
2020-09-20 Season In Focus - Week 2 
2020-09-20 Landon Collins Reads Kyler Murray's Eyes For INT
2020-09-20 Hopkins Opens The Game With 4-Yard Touchdown
2020-09-20 Phillips And Jones Team Up For Turnover 
2020-09-20 Cardinals Recover Fumble On Punt Return
2020-09-20 Murray Rushes For 14-Yard Touchdown
2020-09-20 Isabella Gets Behind Washington Defense For 54-Yard Gain
2020-09-20 Baker Makes Textbook Tackle To Force Fourth Down
2020-09-20 Kirk Makes A Spectacular 49-Yard Catch
2020-09-20 Cardinals Unveil Tricky Play To Pick Up First Down
2020-09-20 Hopkins Shows Control On Back-Shoulder Catch And Run
2020-09-20 Murray Takes Off For Speedy TD 
2020-09-20 Kyler Murray's Best Plays From His Three-Touchdown Game In Week 2
2020-09-20 Full Highlights: Washington vs. Cardinals
2020-09-20 Kingsbury: 'They Have Confidence And Belief In Each Other'
2020-09-21 Murray: 'We Left A Lot Out There'
2020-09-21 Kennard: 'We Have Something We Can Build Off Of'
2020-09-21 Kingsbury: 'Nobody Was Satisfied With How We Played'
2020-09-21 Call Of The Game - Murray Runs In 2nd Touchdown
2020-09-22 Sounds From The Stadium: Week Two
2020-09-22 Rompiendo Marcas
2020-09-22 Phillips: 'Don’t Crown Us, Don’t Do Anything Crazy'
2020-09-22 Hopkins: 'It’s One Week At A Time”
2020-09-23 Cardenales Con Un Inicio Fantástico
2020-09-23 The Kyler Murray Show
2020-09-23 La Defensiva Está Que Arde
2020-09-23 Obteniendo Ritmo
2020-09-24 NFL Throwback: Anquan Boldin's Epic Debut Against Lions
2020-09-24 Fitzgerald: 'We Haven't Played To The Level We're Capable Of'
2020-09-24 Kennard: 'Can’t Get Complacent”
2020-09-24 Jones: Expects 'The Best Football' From The Lions
2020-09-24 Team To Team - Facing Detroit
2020-09-24 Joseph: 'It’s Going To Be A Challenge'
2020-09-24 Mes De La Herencia Hispana: Esperanza Renovada
2020-09-24 Game Trailer - Lions Rematch 
2020-09-25 Work Week - AZ vs DET
2020-09-25 Peterson: 'We Have A Plan In Place” For Golladay
2020-09-25 Drake: 'Lions Are Very Tough'
2020-09-25 Wired - Jordan Hicks Vs. Washington Football Team 
2020-09-25 K1 Explosivo
2020-09-26 Game Plan With Kliff Kingsbury - Lions Week 
2020-09-26 Larry Wilson Tribute 
2020-09-27 Season In Focus - Week Three
2020-09-27 Darqueze Dennard Denies TD With End-Zone INT
2020-09-27 Phillips Picks Up Big Third-Down Sack 
2020-09-27 Hopkins Makes Catch For 30-Yard Gain
2020-09-27 DeAndre Hopkins Backs Into An 18-Yard Catch-And-Run
2020-09-27 Murray Finds Isabella Wide Open For 26 Yards
2020-09-27 Murray Floats An Over-The-Shoulder TD Pass To Isabella
2020-09-27 Kennard Blitzes For His First Sack Against Former Team
2020-09-27 Murray Leaves Okudah Grasping At Air On TD Run
2020-09-27 Murray Works Through Progression To Find Hopkins
2020-09-27 Murray Takes Off For 13 Yards On Speed Option
2020-09-27 Isabella Catches His Second Touchdown Pass On The Day 
2020-09-27 Peters Reaches Stafford Untouched For A Sack
2020-09-27 Reddick Breezes By Hockenson For Third-Down Sack
2020-09-27 Full Highlights: Lions vs. Cardinals
2020-09-27 Kingsbury: 'None Of Us Did Enough'
2020-09-28 Isabella: 'We Can't Get Comfortable'
2020-09-28 Murray: 'We Just Have To Be Better'
2020-09-28 Peters: 'We Did Not Play Our Best Game'
2020-09-28 Isabella Brilla
2020-09-28 Kingsbury: 'We’ll Find Out How We Rebound This Week'
2020-09-29 Curva De Aprendizaje
2020-09-29 Edmonds: 'Good Teams Don’t Lose Back-To-Back Games'
2020-09-29 Humphries: 'It Starts Up Front'
2020-09-29 Cardenales Con Mamba Mentality
2020-09-30 The Speed Of Andy Isabella 
2020-09-30 Murray: 'We Just Got To Lock In'
2020-09-30 Blackson: 'Focused On Us'
2020-09-30 Kingsbury: 'I Have All The Confidence In The World'