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Week 16 Rewind: A Cardinals Christmas Story
Looking back at the Cardinals' game against the Indianapolis Colts
By Zach Galia Dec 29, 2021
Photographs By Derrick Spencer

'Twas the 16th week of the NFL season,
The Red Sea was excited, as if they needed a reason.
Their Cardinals were stirring, needing a slight jolt,
The only thing standing in their way was Carson Wentz and the Colts.

Their jerseys were hung in their lockers with care,
In hopes that kickoff soon would be there.
The Red Sea was nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of touchdowns danced in their heads.

Arrival 1
Arrival 2
Arrival 3

Game day was here, and all were ready to go,
To celebrate Christmas with football instead of snow.
At their tailgating spots, fans were bringing the clatter,
With everyone ready to settle this matter. 

The squad showed up dressed for the occasion,
With the Grinch, and even Santa, joining the fashion equation.
On Budda! On Isaiah! On Kyler and Eno!
On Byron! On Chase! On Zaven and Marco!

Pregame 1
Pregame 3
Pregame 4

The vibe was electric as kickoff drew near,
The Bird Gang was perched, ready to cheer.
The battle was on and it was anyone's game,
Both teams kept fighting, as their goal was the same.

Budda Baker always seems to be in his groove,
I swear I saw him hit every single person who moved.
Antoine Wesley also got a gift of his own,
A connection with Kyler, and his first trip to an NFL end zone.

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4
Game 5
Game 6

The holiday season is also a time to say 'thank you,'
To all of the fans and all that we've been through.
We're blessed to connect through the game of football,
But the support of the Red Sea is the greatest gift of all.

Game 7
Game 8
Game 9
Post Game 1

While the holiday didn't end with Cardinals' win,
There's still work to be done, in the position we're in.
I'd like to end this story with some positivity, if I may,
The playoffs are coming, 1-0 every day.

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