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The NFL and the Arizona Cardinals embrace our incredibly diverse fanbase and will celebrate this diversity whenever possible. September 15th – October 15th marks Hispanic Heritage Month and the Arizona Cardinals have committed to three focuses:

  1. Bringing awareness to the contributions to our game, our teams and our community from people of Hispanic roots
  2. Supporting initiatives and efforts aimed at empowering the Hispanic community in Arizona
  3. Inspiring the next generation of Hispanic Arizona leaders through engaging content and opportunities

During this month the organization will create content and programming that embodies one of these three focuses.

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Arizona is home to the fifth largest population of Latino Americans in the U.S with 31.7% (2,192,253 out of 7,151,502) of the state comprised of Latino Americans. Unfortunately, Latino voters also have one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the state. Only 644,600 Latino voters are expected to reach the polls for the 2022 elections. It is important that the Latino community makes their voice heard, so the Arizona Cardinals are partnering with the NFL and Arizona Votes to help you get registered to vote in this year's election. Click the link to learn more and find out how to get registered to vote!


As part of our celebration of Latin Heritage Month, the Cardinals are encouraging staff and fans to check out local hispanic-owned businesses in the greater Phoenix area. Click the link below to see the full list of businesses!

Como Llege

Chef Maria Mazon

Chef Maria Mazon

Current Profession(s): Executive chef and Owner of Boca & Sonya Tortillas

Please describe your role(s) in your profession(s): I'm a restaurant owner with many hats! Been.l cooking for 20 years, trying to represent Mexican cuisine the right way

Please describe your pathway to your current profession(s): I stated with Boca 12 years ago and I still get surprised every day with what the industry has to offer! I love my hive

What is your education / training background?: I finish 2 years of community college

Advice you'd give to your younger self: DONT stress

Tell us about any challenges that you have faced to get to where you are today: From having no money and no knowledge of the industry, from being Latina, gay and a woman in a boys world !

Who has influenced you?: My grandmother



Current Profession(s): Student, part time Nanny and instructional staff for the United Spirit Association

Please describe your role(s) in your profession(s): I recently graduated with my degree in Biology and on a pre-dentistry path in pursuit of becoming a Cosmetic dentist. I have finished all of my prerequisite courses and will be applying for dental school next application cycle! I shadow local dentists in the valley to gain experience in the office and learn what it's like to work as a dentist.

In the mean time I like to keep busy with nannying part time and working local and out of state pom, dance and spirit competitions with the United Spirit Association. During the summer, I instruct up to 500 students at our summer camps along the West coast as instructional staff.

Please describe your pathway to your current profession(s): When I was in high school dentistry sparked my interest as I was going through the process of having braces myself. After getting them removed and seeing my transformed smile, I couldn't help but want to do the same for others one day. The boost in confidence I had after I went through braces was so impactful in all areas of my life, including my high school dance and academic careers. Shortly after my braces were removed, I earned the Achieving a College Education Scholarship at age 16 and started taking college classes at a local community college to get a head start on my education. Eventually I earned a 4 year scholarship to California State University Channel Islands where I then earned my Bachelor's degree in Biology on a pre-dental path.

What is your education / training background?:

I have earned my Bachelor's of Science in Biology from California State University of Channel Islands.

Advice you'd give to your younger self: I would tell my younger self that I'm good enough to do all of the things that I aspire to do. Earning a scholarship out of state, achieving my college degree and cheering for my favorite NFL team were all dreams of mine at one point that seemed out of reach. I spent years and years of my life doubting my abilities because nobody else in my family has done any of this before. I wish I would have channeled all of that energy into hard work instead of wasting my time worrying about the outcome. Enjoy the journey, embrace the hardships and KEEP GOING no matter what. You are where you're meant to be, even in the worst of situations. At any point in time you can decide to make a change with hard work and determination.

Tell us about any challenges that you have faced to get to where you are today: When I was 20 years old in college, I broke my ankle (while I was Easter egg hunting, this is a true story!) and eventually had to have surgery which ended with a plate and 6 screws in my left ankle. I still have them to this day. I was so devastated after this happened and thought I would never be able to dance or instruct again. All of the years I spent training went down the drain. I had to relearn how to walk, relearn my dance skills and flexibility, and adjust to having hardware in my ankle. During COVID-19 in 2020, I used quarantine to get my body back in shape and relearn my skills. Just a little over a year later, I had another devastating life changing experience. In my senior year of college, I was home for a visit when I got a heartbreaking phone call that my 16-year-old brother Jaiden had lost his life. After this devastating tragedy, I decided to move home to be closer to my family. Family is everything to me. Being surrounded by their love and comfort, I was able to process the tragedy of my brother's death. Eventually I reconnected with old dance friends in Arizona that inspired me to start training to become an Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader. I decided to audition because I realized that my little brother would never get the opportunity to chase his dreams again. I still had that chance, and I'm so glad I took it. I did it for him.

Who has influenced you?: The biggest influences I have are my grandparents Eric and Patricia. They have always been my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. The way they are able to find the joy in discomfort, make a lot out of a little, and persevere through the toughest of times has taught me so much. They truly are the most incredible and selfless people I have ever met, I want to be just like them one day!

Tell us about anything you are passionate about outside of your profession(s): I am passionate about several things but to name a few, service work, trying new things and making an impact on little lives are some of my biggest passions! I love to work with children and I'm so lucky that I get that opportunity frequently as an Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader. I'm passionate about service work and helping my community which is another huge part of my career as a Cardinals Cheerleader. While I was in college, I volunteered at our campus Food Pantry distributing food and hygiene products to students in need. I also volunteered at the Ventura Land Trust where we conducted community beach cleanups and fixed up local landscapes. Anytime I get to try something new, like traveling to a new place or trying new food, I get so excited! These are all of my favorite parts of life. 😊

Crisco Kidd

Crisco Kidd

Current Profession(s): Game Day Entertainment Host

Please describe your role(s) in your profession(s): As In-Game Host for the Cardinals, I get to be a part of the premiere entertainment team in the league, where we aim to give fans the best gameday experience as possible!

This includes everything from saluting our service members, showcasing the tailgater of the game, upgrading seats, playing games with fans on the big screen, to helping guests find directions to lost & found and the nearest restroom. Every part is important.

Please describe your pathway to your current profession(s): As for my radio career, I have been djaying since the age of 15 and started my radio career at 20. The five years between played a critical part in me becoming who I am today, who you hear on-air, and who you see every gameday. As for becoming the In-Game Host for the Cardinals, I started as a fan, then season ticket holder, and thanks to the recommendation of my peers, I was able to audition for the role during training camp and here I am!

What is your education / training background?: I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising/Public Relations and now I am pursuing my Masters of Public Administration at ASU - Forks up!

Advice you'd give to your younger self: Dream as BIG as you can. When people tell you that you can't do it, go harder and get it done. Go where you are celebrated and not tolerated. And, as my dad always says, "Do it right, do it light. Do it wrong, do it long."

Tell us about any challenges that you have faced to get to where you are today: Where do I start? In the radio/entertainment industry, not only are you competing against other personalities, you're also competing against yourself. This is why it's important to remain focused on the things you can control and how you react to the things you can't. When you pay attention to what your competition is doing, you're using energy and time that could have been allocated to you and your own success. Once I understood that, my career unlocked on multiple levels.

Who has influenced you?: There are a few important people who helped lay my foundation including my parents and close friends. If I start naming people, I may leave someone out and I'd hate to do that. With that said, I'd rather just thank those who are a part of every personal and professional relationship I maintain; you're the reason we are we where we are today.

Tell us about anything you are passionate about outside of your profession(s): Besides being the best dad I can be to my four-year-old son, serving the community through volunteering and with my annual toy and food drives, public leadership, and being a voice for those who think they don't have one are super important to me.

Please feel free to tell us anything else that you'd like to share: I'm extremely thankful to be a part of the Arizona Cardinals organization and I look forward to meeting as many fans as possible this season! Thank you for the chance to share a little more about me. Follow @CriscoKidd and #RiseUpRedSea!

Cardenales De Mexico

Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez is currently the official Spanish Radio Play-by-play of the Arizona Cardinals and has worked for the organization since 1998 in a variety of on-air and content creation roles. He has also worked for MLB in the Spanish social media department. He is a recognized journalist among the Spanish-language media in the United States having held an executive position in the news department of the MundoFox network and also as a news correspondent for Televisa and EstrellaTV. Luis was born in Orizaba, Veracruz, MX. His entire family resides in Phoenix, AZ.

Jose Romero

Jose Romero

This is Romero's first year with the Arizona Cardinals organization. Cardinals Spanish radio analyst José Romero was raised in Cancun México. He moved to Arizona in 2008 to pursue his dreams of playing division 1 football. After finishing his football career with the University of Arizona Wildcats, Romero continued his professional career as a Spanish high school teacher and football coach here in the valley.

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